Discovering Last Minute Web Design Quick Fixes

A web design may look perfect as soon as its completed, but there are some big tests that need to be conduct in order to find out if that web design is truly perfect or not. There are some distinct elements in a web design that should be fixed to achieve a 5 star design. Last minute changes can make the biggest difference online.

Discover Quick Web Design Fixes

1.Broken Links? A broken link checker is necessary to identify if there are any broken links on your website. In the middle of the upload process a certain web page may have accidentally been left out causing the page to give a no existing error message. Adding a 404 page is an seo recommendation for broken pages. Another common mistake that causes a broken link is a char error. FTP file servers are char sensitive. When linking one piece of content to the other, ensure that char caps is the same.There are many online sites you can browse to find a website broken link checker which can do full analysis of your website and identify if there are any broken links or not.

2.Browser test? Have a browser test conducted on your entire website to ensure that your design looks the same on all browsers. Browsers like safari, chrome, and opera constantly get upgraded. However, some individuals don’t update their browsers and explore the web with an older browser version. To satisfy these group of individuals, you must double check and verify that your web design looks the same and in place for older browsers and newer browser versions.

3.Responsive Check? A responsive web design check should also be conducted to ensure that your site is actually responsive. With billions of active users browsing on the web, there is a large percentage of individuals that required a mobile friendly design to view a website. A responsive web design will make life much easier for those that browse the web with anything smaller then a desktop screen. A web design company like Ntw Designs, on: is known to offer custom packages that always include responsive web design services.

4.Code Check? Double checking your code is a great web design practice. Top designers always double check their code to make sure that there are no errors. The most common and looked over coding error is the div tag. Some div tags are left opened and some are even unnecessary to be left on the page closed as they don’t serve any purpose. When finishing your design, always conduct a quick code check.

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