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You may have heard of or been involved in a non-evasive surgical procedure. In this process, a surgical situation is corrected without opening up a large portion of a person’s body to perform an exploratory process to locate the problem. Non-evasive surgery requires a small incision, or none at all, to go in and correct the issue. Sometimes, video cameras are involved in order to view the situation and rectify it. The procedure is quicker than normal surgery, reduces the shock on the individual receiving it, and keeps the costs down.

The same thing is done these days in repairing water pipes, and that is a definite relief for many home and business owners. Before the development of trenchless pipe repair, companies would need to dig up large swaths of property to locate the damaged portion of the pipe for replacement. This took time, required large machinery which blocked neighborhood or city streets, and cost a good deal of money for the person with the problem. This included the costs to replaced damaged concrete or turf.

Today, repair companies use techniques and updated tools from places like Hurco Technologies to perform non-evasive pipe repairs. One of the ways this is done is via a pipe pull. In this procedure, damaged lines are replaced with new piping with the use of a tiny hole at the front and back of the run. The broken sewer line is used as a guide to put the new piping into place. Another non-evasive method is to inject a hardening lining material into the damaged area that coats the inside of the existing pipe. This creates a new pipe inside of the old one.

Because these processes take a shorter time to address, repairs normally take less than a day and require minimal cleanup. The advantages to the home or business owner are costs much lower than those incurred in a normal repair and a minimal loss of productivity due to the water being shut off. Overall, it results in happier feelings all around.

Though you may not need a repair now, be pro-active. Do your research to see what plumbing companies in your area offer this type of service and check their prices. This will allow you to be ready should something like this occur.

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