Top search engines that won’t track your IP

While surfing the web, have you ever felt you’re tracked? didn’t you ask yourself when searching for something on Google or Microsoft bing that your IP is exposed?. Most of people would say that they ain’t doing anything wrong to worry about , in fact it isn’t just about your worries, it is more about the Ads . what i want to say is that most of the popular search engines store your IP for months to make profiles of your activity and helps in ad suggestions , and you will see that clear on Facebook,Gmail and YouTube. even though, google now encrypts your search history when you log in , but that just prevents third parties from tracking you , but that don’t make Google unable to track you. Here are the popular anonymous search engine list.

1-      DuckDuckGo

it is the search engine which serves more than 10 million traffic searches daily , it is also the most popular private search engine  and has the most enhanced search experience in all of the private engines, the most advantages of Duckduckgo is that it doesnt make a log for personal information,doesn’t use cookies , and dont store IP  addresses in its servers , surf anonymous and in secure and private ways , so this features made the search engine even unable to recognize that two different  searches were made from the same device.

2-      Startpage

It is another anonymous search  launched in 2005 , I think you should consider it . The company removed  all log files which was held like personal information in 2006 , and at the early 2009, it stopped storing the IP addresses of their users. Startpage works to provide high search results and securing your searches and personal information also avoiding tracking your traffic as it protects you from websites that can track your IP or even your location by browsing through a proxy server , and one of the best things about it that you can easily add it on Google  Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and even can change its color themes , also it doesn’t use cookies and discards IP addresses and doesn’t keep a record of the performed search actions.

3-      Ixquick

According to SEO Shark the Sydney company it is the main search engine of the company that runs Startpage also it claims that it is the first website not to store IP addresses since 2009, but even it is from the same company, Ixquick generate results from a variety of sources not only Google as startpage does , even they are different in that , they still have the same design and the same privacy features including proxy links and the assurance that any stored info in their site won’t be shared with any third party and the most amazing thing about it.

These anonymous search engine list wont track your ip and keep your web activities private and safe. There are a couple more search engine that will keep your browsing and internet usage safe and secure without tracking ip’s.


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