Top Cisco Certifications for Security Experts

Today in the innovative era of science and technology, numerous advanced organizations are facing greater security risks like ever before. By the passage of time, systematic data breaches and hacking attempts are becoming more and more common, and there is no indication to let it down. However, comprehensive system security techniques no longer offer satisfactory protection against an increasing extent of the sophisticated danger of erupting cloud technology, and the security professionals who are supposed to deal with such threats are rarely available.

For this reason, countless organizations are considering paying high perks to get licensed experts of information security to store their data. Though, the attacks and targets on the internet are increasing in frequency and consequence globally. However, the increased ratio of threats provides organizations with immediate challenges- statistics are not compatible. While evaluating the potential of Info-Sec applicants, employers often look for the certification as an important benchmark and commitment towards the quality of the work. On account of this, among many IT certifications, it is believed that the below-defined certification are leading in information security today to stay competitive in terms of rivalry

1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Today, hackers are the pioneers and are constantly finding new ways to attack information systems and exploit the system weakness. However, companies in trouble,  protect their information systems using the services of skilled professionals and the expertise to attract the hackers themselves which are often referred to as white hats. These experts use the same trick and techniques, and technologies that hackers use to determine the system approach points and vulnerabilities to prevent hackers from gaining access to networks and systems accordingly.

However, the credential of Certified Ethical Hacker is an intermediate right offered by the International Council of Electronic Commerce (EC Council). It is considered as a necessary tool for IT experts who want to deal with ethical piracy. Thus, CEH certified individuals have the power and cognition of driving routes in areas such as fingerprinting and authentication, scanning, networking, system locking, and viruses, also, denial of service attacks, social technology, hijacking session, wireless hacking, and firewalls cross wisely.

2. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Nowadays, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is deliberating for the professionals of cloud computing who are supposed to be responsible for managing, processing, and maintaining organization-level information security systems or for initiating better-secured systems based on cloud computing. security management practices. Concerning this, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) issued CISM credits for the security experts by the fall of 2002. Though, the objective of ISACA specifically aimed at professionals who are interested in the advanced standards of auditing, management, and system associating with information security. Qualification for CISM is focused on the needs of security professionals, with responsibility for managers in security management.

However, certificate holders have advanced and evidenced ability in security risk management, program design, and management, event management also with incident management and consequence. However, certified CISM, which is composed for the experienced security professionals, must pass the ISACA Code-of -Conduct, pass an in-depth exam, and have at least four years of security education, and follows a training policy. continuous planning and written submissions. Though some assorted combinations of knowledge and practice may replace the obligation of experience.

3. CompTIA Security+

In the world of science and technology, CompTIA Security+ is highly treasured, regardless of security certification and neutral vendor. However, the certification holders of Security+ are renowned for their high capabilities of technology, vast knowledge and excellent practice in many cloud security areas. Although Security+ is world widely considered as a basic certification, though, successful applicants must have at least 2.5 years of network security experience and must consider before obtaining Network+ certification.

However, the IT professionals who receive this certification will have proficiency in the field, for instance, threat management, cryptography, security systems, security risk detection and modification, network access management and security infrastructure too. Likewise, the certification of Security + requires one exam at the current price of $ 450, and the discount can be applied to CompTIA affiliate employees, in addition full-time students, however, training session is available too but optional.

4. CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Regarding the cloud computing and network security concerns, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) integrates as an advanced course of certification for the professionals of information technology, who are supposed to be very interested in the framework of information security. Though, this international information systems certification system is globally recognized for its excellence. Thus, the holder of CISSP is also known for the ability of their decision making with the technical knowledge and skills to improve, direct, and monitor the standards of marketing policies, and procedures within the organization. However, CISSP is required by the cloud experts and is well known by the companies of information technology.

Though, it is regularly ranked among the most popular and indispensable studies of security certifications. Furthermore, CISSP is intended to design for the security of skilled professionals. Anyhow, at least four years of experience in minimum two of the relevant areas of the common knowledge base domains, or five years of experience in at least two areas of the common knowledge base group along with a university degree. However, the common knowledge base areas consist of risk management, asset and security, security architecture and technology.

5. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – Security

Last but not least, the certification of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security validates the abilities needed to improve the infrastructure of security, additionally identify network threats and susceptibilities, and moderate security risks. Rendering to Cisco certification training, CCNA Security provides the base for roles like network security experts, administrators, and network security tools as well. However, the CCNA cyber ops training determine to protect the cloud information and campaigns with the modern Cisco hardware and software safety resolutions by the assistance of online Cisco certification training. CCNA cyber ops training certifies that one has the practical knowledge and skills to guard the Cisco network. If the company is using Cisco technology or someone wants to develop the Cisco expertise, it is an affiliate certification that can guide the Cisco security profession in the future. However, the Cisco certification training validates capability to:

  • Identify Cisco network threats and vulnerabilities
  • Reduce security threats
  • Improve the operative security structure

The certification of CCNA cyber ops training provides a solid ground for workstations, containing a network security professional, network engineer, and security manager.

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