Top 10 design books that aren’t about design by Saad Raja

Bookstores are filled with design books carrying an altogether different message than what the title suggests. Saad Raja discusses the following 10 design books.

1) Understanding Comics

It might be considered unwise to connect comic books with websites. However, according to writers like Scott McCloud, they were writing not for the sake of teaching Design, but to show the similarity between “sequential art” and “sequential interfaces”.

2) Film Music

Dawes first encounter with “Film Music” gave birth to his interest in working as a designer. The book allowed exploring creative patterns and philosophical ideas which helped make sense of the world.

3)How Buildings Learn

“How Buildings learn” helps understand the aesthetic form helped bring about designing. It allowed a sudden realization of the exhausting process one goes through while designing something on a large-scale.

4) Castle

Hannah Donovan, a product designer, talks about her favorite design book being a source of pleasure for the reader while enjoying the process of construction.

5) Flow

Flow has been termed as a book by the designer and information architect by the name of Doug Somerville which highlights the psyche involved when it comes to the mental process, immersion and encouragement.

6) Different

This book will help realize the only way to achieve success is to go beyond the usual and forget competing with everything everyone else is running after. Clint Gardiner, a famous UX Designer and a project manager stated ‘Different’ as his favorite.

7) The Power of Habit

A book possessing the power to do both good and bad to its readers will definitely help influence and introduce certain habits which will help you. However, these habits could very likely become a part of you which you never wanted in the first place.

8) Creativity Inc.

The ideas on leadership by the President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios create parallels between the industry and any book on the shelf on digital leadership relating to product management.

9) Thinking in Systems

Mr. Bowles emphasizes upon the book of advanced designs made for creating a different approach towards viewing the world. It will educate you on the value or interventions and on how they are mistreated.

10) The Laws of Simplicity

Maeda’s book will sort out all the complexities regarding certain designs and of value to keep readers bound to it.

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