Tips on How to Choose the Best Chatbot Platform

Chatbots are increasingly becoming popular and they might overtake apps sooner than most people expect. They have become more popular due to their reduced costs, increased efficiency and user experience and also the ability to integrate them in a wide range of technologies. A chatbot refers to a computer program that conducts conversation via auditory, visual or even textual methods. Chatbots are currently being used by major social media platforms such as Facebook. It is estimated close to 80 percent of businesses will integrate chatbots into their businesses by 2020. 

Chatbots offer numerous benefits to the end users in the enterprise software space and consumers. They help to make them more productive and also provide a user-friendly interface. Nowadays, chatbots are commonly found in customer service workflows and call centers. They can also be used as personal assistants helping businesses to save a lot of money. They are automated, and hence they are more efficient. Bots can combine several complex processes and yield results faster than human beings. 

With the increased demand for chatbot technology, developers have been put under pressure to come up with bots that will offer solutions to businesses and individuals. Currently, we are experiencing the beginning of an exciting new race for the best chatbot framework. The main idea is to create a bot developer platform where developers can create powerful chatbots that meets the needs of the modern consumers. 

There are numerous chatbot developer platforms available on the internet. These platforms are being developed each day and it is increasingly becoming difficult for developers to choose a platform that works best for them. The technology surrounding chatbots is also becoming complex each day with new messaging bots, voice bots, transactional bots, and intelligent bots being developed each day. Regardless of the chatbot that you want to develop, there are a few features that you should look out for in a bot platform. 

Ever-present connectivity 

Chatbots are created to act in place of human agents. It is therefore important for this agent to have ubiquitous connectivity. Nowadays, end users want to have bots that they can access from their preferred media. For instance, a user may want a bot that orders for pizza without the need of leaving the chat room while using Skype, Facebook or even slack. 


One of the unique features of a bot is being flexible. A good bot should be able to respond accordingly with demand. Since both can only be reached via the internet, it is difficult to predict the number of users connecting to the bot. 


Considering that bots are accessed via the internet, the platform should be able to provide security to the chatbot. The platform should be able to authenticate and authorize commands. The platform should also maintain confidentiality and identity of the users. 

Availability and Durability 

The platform should be able to avail the bots anytime they are needed. Any unplanned downtime on the bots can be very frustrating to the customers. A great chatbot framework should be able to provide at-least 99.999 percent availability of the bots.

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