Tips for Best Credit Union Website Design

The battle for online presence has affected all the sectors of life. The financial sector of the economy has not been spared. As a credit union, you would always wish to capitalize on your online presence to not only get more members but also give your members the best services. One of the biggest steps that a credit union can take so as to increase its visibility on the internet is by having a website.

However, you need to take note that owning a website is not enough. It should have a perfect design so as to reflect the image of the institution. Here are some of the attributes of a well-designed credit union website.

Responsive Design

The accessibility of a website depends on its design. A good credit union website should be accessible to everyone regardless of the device that they are using. People who are using mobile devices should be able to use all the key features that the website provides. The same applies to those who are accessing it through tablets and desktops.

Hierarchical organization of links

You should take note that members of a credit union have several issues to take care of and none of them includes spending their whole day on a website. Their goal is to execute the required tasks on the site within the shortest time available. The links on the site should be arranged in a good hierarchical order. The top links or the ones that are more important should prominently feature on the front pages of the website.

A good content managements system (CMS)

As a credit union, you will always be updating content on your site. Your content may be tailored to inform members of the latest development in the union, announce new services, and market the union among many other essential functions. A well-designed website should have a good CMS which will allow administrators to post new content with much ease. The CMS should be friendly to both the techies and those who are not well conversant with programming. The CMS should also support third party software especially those that are related to search engine optimization.

Visually appealing

The website should portray your organization as a vibrant union. There should be no signs of boredom or anything to show that you don’t mind your looks. The website should be attractive to the eyes of those who visit it, and they should enjoy every moment that they spend on it. Use colors that are friendly to the eyes, and space your content correctly. Scatter some relevant images that are related to the services which the union provides.

High quality calls to action (CTAs)

The visitors on the website should know the next steps that they should take. The easiest way of telling them is by using high-quality calls to action. The buttons should be visible and clickable. The messages on the button should be short and straight to the point.

If a credit union implements these aspects of web design on its website, it should expect to flourish. That is why we are fully dedicated to designing the best websites for credit unions. We have an agile team of experienced web designers who know what to do and how to do it perfectly. We consider the aspects that we have mentioned above and put them into practice. Our services do not stop at web design. We also help credit unions to market their website by using the best internet marketing strategies such as SEO and social media. Contact GrafWebCUSO for Credit Union Web Design Services today for inquiries or more information on how we can help you.

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