The Innovative Social Network DT Life

DT Life is an innovative social network platform belonging to the DT Coin ecosystem, a cryptocurrency launched in 2017 by economist and consultant Daniele Marinelli. Within DT Life it is possible to do all the things we do every day in the most common and well-known social networks, therefore sharing, commenting, interacting, adding photos and videos and above all “connecting” ourselves to many new people. What makes DT Life differ from all the other social networks is a peculiarity that makes the platform unique today: every action performed inside it corresponds to a real gain, which can be spent immediately. That’s right, being part of DT Life means receiving a financial return for every interaction obtained or carried out on the contents distributed on the social network. And it is here that the DT Coin comes into play, a virtual currency launched in 2017 and currently one of the most stable in the world thanks to the reference market through which it feeds: the data market. The DT Coin is closely linked to DT Life precisely because the actions carried out within it are paid with this currency which, unlike others, can be immediately used to make purchases or can even be exchanged for other virtual and traditional currencies.

What is the DT Coin, the legal virtual currency that grows with data

In this precise historical phase there is a new protagonist that interests governments, institutions and the big players of the economy and it is the Data. In fact, owning data today means being able to foresee behaviors, anticipate times, know how the citizen / consumer acts or could act and there is really nothing that could have more value than this. Imagine being at the head of a bank, for example, how important would it be for you to know the habits of your current account holder? Know for example how much and how you spend, how often you take money and where, what cash flow has. All this information could be useful to know, to say one, in which exact moment to propose a mortgage, a loan, a product. Here then is that the data in your possession have automatically turned into an opportunity for you. And of examples like this we could make dozens of them! Every day our data flows and is used for the most disparate reasons without being “rewarded”. Most of the time we decide to “leave” data to get something in return, for example we fill out a contact form to receive information, we buy a product online to feel more comfortable and so on. But, are we really sure that that data loss is really matched by what we get in return?  Is our reward really adequate? It is from this reflection that the DT Coin is born and it is on this basis that the foundations of the DT Life social network are laid.

The DT Coin, as mentioned, draws on the Big Data market, so it also uses our data to grow.  The novelty, however, lies precisely in what we get in exchange for those data and that is the substantial growth of our portfolio: if we decide to enter the DT Coin world, the more the value of the currency grows (thanks to our data), the more the value of our wallet grows.  It is therefore a real “Do ut des” where reciprocity is the key word. The DT Coin can also be used both for online purchases and for purchases at physical stores belonging to the partner network;  it can finally be exchanged with traditional currencies or other digital currencies.

DT Life: monetize your experience!

As mentioned, DT Life is also based on the concept of reciprocity.  The more we “populate” the social network with content, the more we share those of others, the more we get DT Coins (which can also be converted into Euros!). Therefore, by participating in the DT Life experience, we can monetize any data granted to the platform.  DT Life: if you want more information on the DT Life world, they have found a very interesting blog online that analyzes week by week all the available features.

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