The best selfie drone – with bundles of features

The new entry of drone – Selfie drone:

Selfie drone is a new kind of drone in the market. It has various features of capturing images and making videos. You can capture all of your special moments of life and also can make videos of beautiful scenes. Many places on the internet are selling such camera, but you have to look many things before buying such cameras.

You have to consider many things before buying such drones. The first one is flight time and second is the camera. These two elements have to be perfect. In addition to these factors, controlling range is also important in drone camera. Apart from these drones, many other quadcopters are also available in markets such as racing drones and simple drones.

DJI Mavic Pro:

It is one of the best selfie drone for beginners. This drone comes out in the market with 13 MP camera, and you can control this drone from the range of approximately 7 KM. in addition to these factors, this 743-gram drone has substantial wind resistance factor that can fly with the speed of 40 MPH. You have to buy this drone because it has 9.5 ratings.

Zero Tech Dobby:

Zero tech comes out on the market with 100 m range that can fly with a speed of 25mph. It carries the weight of approximately 200 grams that has strong wind resistance technology. You can capture your moving pictures and can make beautiful videos with its 13 MP 4K technology camera. This drone has 9.0 rating points that make it perfect for regular users and also for the professional purposes.

Hover camera Passport:

Hover camera can be controlled from the range of 20 meters. You can make videos with 4K quality with its 13 MP camera. This camera has the weight of 242 grams and has the speed of 16 MPH. It is one of the best selfie drones in the modern era. Hover carries 7.5 rating points with its brilliant features. You can use Android application to control this drone from a long distance.

JJRC H37 Drone Elite:

The best drone if here for you with its exciting selfie features. This drone will get a rotation of 360 degrees for getting better result of your videos and selfies. The 4k technology used in it makes it perfect from other drones. You can control this selfie drone with an android application. It has more than 8 rating points from customers. This drone will make your work easier in taking photos from congested areas.

These are the best drones that are currently available in the market. All of them are best due to their exciting features. If you are willing to buy a drone camera, then you have to choose from them. Their battery life, flight time, wind resistance technology and other features are probably the best from others. All of them carries more than 8 rating points that describe their better functionality.

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