Split Air Conditioners Problems and Solutions

 Of all the types of Air conditioners, Split Air conditioners are the most preferred choices. However, Air conditioner is a machine and it’s susceptible to fault. If you’re facing some trouble with your air conditioner and unable to identify it, then read this guide. We have listed some of the common problems faced by Split Air conditioners.

Even though you purchase a branded AC from trusted brands say, Lloyd, Samsung, Voltas etc. that does not guarantee you a problem free AC for all its life. Below are some common issues faced by an AC owner.

Problems faced by split ACs

Refrigerant leakage

Refrigerant leakage is a very common problem. The refrigerant inside the AC is stored at high pressure which ultimately produces pressures at the joints and curves of the copper pipes. As a result, the pipes get weak and develop holes inside it.

Some of the signs are:

  • Air conditioner is not cooling enough or blowing out warm air.
  • Oil sighting near Air conditioner.

It’s not a big deal, easy to repair and doesn’t cost much. Call a technician. Just make sure that the refrigerant is not undercharged.

Compressor keeps shutting down

Over time, dust and debris get accumulated inside the filter of the AC and chokes it because of which it becomes difficult for the unit to operate at the ideal temperature. The temperature keeps increasing and shuts down the compressor.

All you need to do is to remove the filter and wash it properly with water. Doing this once in a month will avoid such troubles.

High electricity bill

Some of the contributing causes are:

  • Loose wires and connections
  • Old compressor
  • High/Low refrigerant charge
  • Dirty and clogged filter
  • Dirty condenser or dirty evaporator coil

Just disconnect the breaker. Carefully clean with the help of water spray. Make sure you don’t bend or damage it. Replace the dirty filters. If you’re still getting high electricity bills, call a technician.

Gross odors

Your AC smells bad when turned on?  Nothing to worry about, this is common and occurs due to the accumulation of debris and dusts in the drainage pipes and tray. Call a technician to clean the drainage system.

Air conditioner won’t start up                                                                 

Perhaps the PCB of your Air conditioner has failed. This can occur due to variety of reasons. For minor damages, certain burned parts of PCB need replacement whereas for severe damages, you would need a new PCB.

Indoor unit has turned noisy

This occurs because of the improper functioning of the fan in the indoor unit.  The fan needs a cleaning service.

Swing has stopped working

There are two possible reasons behind this

  • Either the motor is not receiving any current.
  • Motor is at fault.

In both the cases, you require a technician.

Moreover, while buying online, consider reputable e-commerce websites. Also, make use of price comparison websites like “CompareRaja.in” for comparing prices, specifications, brands etc. This can save you huge.

Finally, it’s recommended to provide after care services to your Air conditioner periodically. This will not only improve the efficiency of the cooling system, but will also increase its life span.


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