Offshore drilling

A wellbore get drilled in the surface of the water; this mechanical process is known as offshore drilling. The purpose of this process is to search for the oil which is present in the depth of the sea, this process also being performed to get the oil from rocks present at the bottom of the sea. Mostly offshore drilling happens on the ocean and sea but sometime it also happens in lakes, inshore waters and inland sea areas. There are many benefits of this process economically but it also effects our environment very badly because in the result of this process hydrocarbon is being produced, also because the material that are being used are harmful for environment.

There are different services and methods being applied to this process such as combined drilling, bottom founded drilling rigs, and production facilities either bottom founded or floating platforms, and deep water mobile offshore drilling units including semi-submersibles and drillships. The water depth that is required for the process to be done in is from 3000m to 98000ft. if the depth is less than the mobile units will be anchored in seabed and in case of deeper water the drill ship will be remain on drilling location dynamic positioning.

Oil and gas production is difficult if happening on the sea than land based installation. Because there are many risks and requirements attach to this type of production. The main issue that the companies and organizations are facing is to find out the safest way for the process with minimum risk. It also requires a very large space for the production which is not available in all the ports of the world and those ports which do have large areas, also have big traffic. Many companies have floating platforms because these platforms are very less expensive than fixed platforms.

It gets very hard to drill well because the ocean can add several thousand meters and fluid column which increase the density and it also requires more energy to get the fluids up to place on platform.

The production of subsea has changed and people are doing it by separating water from oil and re-injecting it rather than pumping it up to a platform, or by flowing to onshore, with no installations visible above the sea. This helps to utilize resources at increasingly deeper waters, locations which had been inaccessible and overcome challenges posed by sea ice such as in the Barents Sea.

These platforms have their own communities with the present of every facility required to live a life. The Staff of offshore production company receive higher salary than onshore workers do. Supplies and waste are transported by ship, and the supply deliveries need to be carefully planned because storage space on the platform is limited.

This process leaves many bad effects on environment. Oil spills from tankers during anchoring or transporting can ruin the surroundings and pollute the air.  Produced water is also generated, which water is brought to the surface along with the oil and gas; it is usually highly saline and may include dissolved or unseparated hydrocarbons.

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