Music takes up a big part in our lives

Music takes up a big part in our lives. While some people like to listen to their music privately, others like to share it with many people. In 2018, when technology is growing more advanced as each passing day, how is it possible that music speakers will stay behind?

For people who like to share music, there is a large range of speakers that are perfect for home as well as office use. The market is jam-packed with the latest models of speakers with exciting and new features. Here are the top four speakers to buy in 2018.

Polk Audio PSW10

If you want the loudest speaker that you can get, then Polk Audio PSW10 are the best option you have. The warning sign that are stamped on the package should be enough to tell you that. The design of the speakers especially emphasis on the production of balanced and explosive sounds. The speaker is perfect for large home theaters as it is really big.

  • It can produce sounds as loud as 85 decibels
  • The speaker is a single big unit that is suitable for parties and home theaters as well as small concerts
  • The Polk Audio PSW10 is durable and won’t suffer damage even if you cross the maximum volume
  • It also has a 5 year warranty in case you damage the speakers

Fugoo Sport XL Portable Rugged Speaker

The Fugoo Sport XL Portable Rugged Bluetooth speaker is ideal for outdoor spaces. The manufacturers pay special attention to the design and functionality of this speakers in order to make it perfect for outdoors, such as concerts or family gatherings, pool parties, etc. It has protective layers to keep the weather elements away.

The Fugoo Sport XL Portable speakers work on Bluetooth connectivity in addition to being wireless. Another feature people will find exciting is the Smartphone compatibility and assistance with calling. Plus, you can use Siri and Google to give direct voice commands to operate these speakers.

  • Perfect for outdoor spaces
  • Generate high quality and balanced sounds
  • Portable, you can move them around easily as they are lightweight
  • These speakers also have protection against dust, pollen and mud that are common during outdoor parties
  • You can control them through your smartphone and give voice commands
  • They also have a large battery life and built-in slots for recharging mobile, tablets and laptops quickly

JBL Charge 3

The JBL Charge 3 speaker is best for office buildings but you can use them for homes as well. This speaker is portable and has a flexible design that provides convenience. You can easily move it around without much hassle. The sound quality is good without being too loud, one of the reasons why it’s perfect for offices. You can also attend calls and conference calls with JBL Charge 3 to as it provides noise cancellation feature as well. Some other feature of JBL Charge 3 includes:

  • This speaker have good sound quality and moderate volume levels, which makes it ideal for office use
  • It is portable and can be used for backpack trips as well as bedroom
  • You can connect 3 devices with this speaker at once and play music directly them
  • In addition, it also has a large battery life that spans up to 20 hours of continues playtime

Ion Audio Block Rocker Flash

This speaker is best suited for living rooms and house parties. The sound level is higher than other portable speakers but without being dangerous. Plus, the LED lights on the front on this speaker creates a unique kaleidoscope of colors according to different beats, which makes it perfect for parties. Other top features of Ion Audio Block Rocker Flash includes:

  • Bluetooth connectivity to play music from your phone and other devices
  • High-quality sound and volume levels that are perfect for house parties
  • You can also convert it into a mini karaoke by enabling the audio playback feature as it comes with microphones
  • Recharge your smartphone through the USB port

These are some of the speakers that will perfectly fit your home and offices, there are still a lot of great speakers in the market, but you can never go wrong with these ones we’ve listed here. Just check them out.



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