Microsoft certification benefits for jobseekers

Want to get ahead in your career? Want to get that extra edge from the rest of the people? Want to stand out from the crowd? Certifications do help a person to progress in their careers.  Many people argue that certifications are not required and experience only counts. But, it is not true. Certifications do give the person knowledge about the subject.

There are many companies that offer different kinds of certifications. But choosing the right one can help you as well as the employers. Microsoft certification is one such thing. Microsoft certification is a worldwide recognized industry standard. There are many exams such as Excel, Word, Power point, MCSE, MCSA etc. Every company at least uses some form of Microsoft products. IT sector cannot run without Microsoft products.

Possessing a Microsoft certification has many advantages:

Evidence of Knowledge and skills:  Having a Microsoft certification definitely gives the information to employers that you have a good knowledge on the subject. Surveys show that recruiters do prefer candidates with certifications over others.

More Job opportunities: Many companies mention that having Microsoft certification is an added advantage. So, when there are a lot of applications for a particular post, many companies filter out people based on certifications. A certificate from a reputed company as Microsoft only increases the chance of being selected. Hiring managers do evaluate candidates based on the certifications they have achieved.

Validation: Many people might have certifications from other companies for the same skill, but validating them would become difficult for a recruiter. It becomes very easy with Microsoft.

Productive: Research shows that employees who possessed Microsoft certifications in relevant areas were more productive and efficient compared to others. It can help you in making a business impact and gain the confidence of the supervisor. You can utilize your skills effectively and showcase your talent to the team.

Promotions: There are different levels of certification that is available with Microsoft and depending on your job role; you can get the certifications to get promoted. Certifications would definitely be considered with more value and you can earn more money.

Microsoft Member: You can be a part of the Microsoft community once you clear your exam and this gives you more insights into the different offers and discount services that Microsoft provides. You can also connect with different members of the community and discuss your views and share your opinions.

Personal goals: Many people do set a personal goal to keep them updated about the latest technologies and be aware of the changing environments. It is always good to keep yourself updated as being versatile has its own advantages.

A person having a Microsoft certificate is preferred over others because Microsoft tests the in-depth knowledge of a person and hence this shows evidence of you knowledge and skills.

Though a certification makes you stand out from the crowd and may help you with securing the interview process, if you do not study to understand the concepts and how to implement them, it is of no use. It should not be taken just to clear the exam. The main aim of taking a certification should be to increase your knowledge in that particular area so that you will be able to implement those in your workplace. It will help you to perform better in the organization.

Certification should be chosen based on the contents covered in that particular subject and Microsoft is a globally recognized industry partner whom you can blindly trust with respect to the value of the certifications, recognition of the certifications and the knowledge gained from the certifications. It is a safe bet for individuals.

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