Managing Customer Support Experience with Remote Teams

The true power in delivering benefits to customers in terms of service experience is to provide a personalized touch to cater to their concerns. Connect customers to agents intelligently. Customer service is paramount when it comes to delivering great value to consumers in terms of products or services consumed. Not every business that is driven by the unshakeable faith of great servicing can meet the changing needs of customers after purchase.

A great way of delivering this value today is by hiring  remote pre-trained agents to work on proper tech architecture with support systems. Personalization and customer information is achieved through a capable CRM integration. These remote pre-trained agents are a simple plug and play approach when businesses look out for efficiency and seamless operations. As a business, you can save a lot of training cost by reaching out to a marketplace like VOIZ to handle this for you.

Companies and contact centres approach marketplaces like VOIZ where CX agents can be hired and managed seamlessly. Pre-trained agents can be hired with respect to changing business project requirements in an environment where cloud systems and cohesive service channels deliver higher CSAT at low procedural costs.

This integration via remote CX agents can help your business enterprise:

  • Build strong brand loyalty at a low cost. There is no doubt that customers prefer businesses that provide good CX services. Hiring a remote CX worker from a marketplace like VOIZ could cut your infrastructure costs and hiring costs to a great extent. It is also true that remote CX agents working from their comfort across the globe are very likely to deliver a better customer experience and thus build strong relations between the business and the consumer.
  • Align business processes on the cloud-like never before. Support is very essential during high escalation hours of businesses. It becomes easier for enterprises when they have access to marketplaces like VOIZ. Here, getting a CX agent for handling tasks like managing appointments, schedule reminders, perform invoice tracking via API integrations with SaaS software, sales reporting, and after-sales training on useability, features, tech, and more- becomes seamless.
  • Flexibility in hiring CX models and ensuring bespoke results. If service-based organizations begin hiring CX agents or CX teams, their work becomes very easy when e-portals like VOIZ give a platform for businesses to bid for contracts and hire the best team for their CX Processes. You may hire a dozen agents initially and ramp-down your agent team later as per change in requirements. A multi-functional dashboard enables the tracking of these CX processes in a seamless, effortless manner.


If you are a business with the right cloud systems and collaboration tools, you can move to the next level by meeting the high demand for a remote CX workforce and joining hands with CX Market place like VOIZ. The right platform for managing your CX processes can help enhance this system and embrace the remote work, as trained CX teams start providing better CX with an improved resolution rate, thus maintaining a stable CSAT score. Reducing office overheads was never easier than today, in this thriving remote workforce culture where managing remote agents seem like a challenge, it now is easier with VOIZ.

A better customer experience can hence be delivered by significantly cutting down infrastructure and hiring costs. Thus, businesses can benefit from marketplaces like VOIZ and get independent project-wise agents. These customer experience agents are trained individuals who can be monitored using self-service dashboards and accordingly businesses can manage their entire CX processes.

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