Human Resource Management software – Enhancing Cost-Effeciency while reducing the risks

What is a Human Resource Management Software- The Human Resource Management Software is nothing but a software which is used in business and this software combines a number of processes and system for ensuring easy management of business data and employee. It is mainly used for storing employee data, recruitment processes, managing payrolls, keeping the track of the attendance records, managing leave time and also benefits administration. Its basic function is to streamline the process.

Being a business owner every potential employee, former employee and job applicant may represent a potential plaintiff of a lawsuit which may be against your company.

  • Protection against the hour and wage claims – When a company deals with the claims which may be related to the Fair Labour Standard Act (FLSA) and also the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) then comes the calculation of hours by the company that an employee or a labour had worked on a certain work week or a certain work month and after this calculations and after this the company will determine if the employee is owing an overtime pay or not, or the number of worked hours which is to be entitled by the FMLA benefits. The main work of a Workforce management application is in helping the HR departments to keep a good track of the schedule of the employee, working hours and attendance which may be a key to determine whether a plaintiff is being entitled for an additional leave or an additional compensation.
  • Protection against failure for hiring claims – Failure of hiring claims are not as common as the hour and wage or termination claims, here the companies can again take the help of the Human Resource Management Software for ensuring that they are having the proper document and dynamic process for interviewing the job applicants. The software can manage electronically the hiring, recruiting and interviewing process. Moreover the software of applicant tracking will help the companies for implementing a better consistent interviewing and application process. The company wide online application can be enforced easily by the employers. A better and consistent process of interview which is based on the objective criteria for evaluation of the candidate can also be enforced by the employees. These processes can again be formalized by the applicant tracking system.
  • Protecting against the wrongful termination claims – Lawsuits which is based on the wrongful termination, an employer usually rely on the federal or state statute which may be title 7, which prohibits in discriminating the basis of a classification which is protected. Depending on the poor and bad performance if an employer chooses in letting go of the employee then the work comes to the company for proving that the employee was not able to meet the positions of the company as required by the company even after the communication is done with the employee.

 Among many ways on way is that the employee performance software system helps the company by automation of the time taking task of the regularly evaluating employee. These type of systems can help in tracking the schedule of monthly or yearly reviews by the supervisors after which the information can be shared and it also helps the supervisors in tracking the performances. So from the above discussion it can be said that the Human Resource Management Software helps the companies in protecting themselves from the wrongful termination claims.

  • From now only you have to start minimizing the risk – The applicant tracking, workforce management, time tracking, absence management, employee evaluation system are some of the application of the Human Resource Management Software which helps in minimizing the risk of an employer in regards to the hour and wage, failure in hiring and the wrongful termination of claims. But according to the opinion of the experts in the places of HR system an employment law some simple steps are there which can be taken by the company by the use of Human Resource Management Software for further mitigating risk. Firstly the company can make sure that the policy manuals and employee handbooks are up to date and are also electronically available within the Human Resource Management Software of the company. Next way for minimizing the risk is that the company must follow the interview and application process even if this process is time an energy consuming the company must perform this task for the sake of its own.

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