How to Market on Facebook in 2018

Facebook underwent some notable changes in the past year. It ditched clickbait headlines and is now tackling the spread of misinformation on the platform. The company also introduced new tech, mainly video, to the world’s foremost social network. Therefore, marketing on Facebook in 2018 is going to be at least a bit different from what marketers did in 2017. Here’s a look at what’s new and what your company can do differently to be more effective this year:


Create Video Content

Video is currently the “king” of all online content. Driven by smartphone use, more people are consuming video content than any other type of online content. Facebook has indicated video is very important to the platform, particularly because of its need to compete with other rising social networks like Snapchat. So in the coming months, the best way to market on Facebook will be through video to a great extent. There’s live video and pre-shot video. It’s up to marketers to choose as they like. Facebook marketing consultants like First Page can assist in formulating an effective video marketing plan for your Facebook campaign this year.

Learn to Market with Live Video

While video is big on Facebook, nothing is bigger than live video. According to the Search Engine Journal, user engagement via Facebook Live was nearly 180 percent higher than typical engagement through posts. And it’s estimated that this number would rise even higher. What’s unique about Facebook live video is that it allows real-time interactions on the social network. Live videos are organic and are not curated. This creates ample opportunities to gain attention and market. Recommended ways to take advantage of Facebook Live video include arranging Facebook events live, featuring influencers on video, and organic product placement.

Use Augmented Reality Components

Mark Zuckerberg has long been interested in incorporating virtual and augmented reality components onto the platform. Now, we have Facebook Spaces and Camera Effects Platform. This is a great start to a future which will very likely to be filled with AR and VR content. Therefore, learn now how to market on Facebook’s AR arm. It can be tricky but that’s only at first. Facebook’s camera effects component, compared to Snapchat filters, is definitely the first place to start.

Use Celebrity Influencers

Unlike millennials and their parents, the Gen Z hardly pays attention to conventional advertisements. The younger buyers prefer word-of-mouth marketing to being told what to do. Therefore, influencers who are practically celebrities within certain young people circles can be invaluable to Facebook marketers. Use these micro influencers to push a product towards younger buyers and save your money on the ads.

Master Messenger Chatbots

Chatbot interactions are incredibly on the rise on Facebook. This is an incredible opportunity for brands to engage with customers through Facebook. Chatbots deliver marketing messages, but in a highly personalized manner. Chatbots are also a great way to offer customer service directly from brand pages on Facebook. Therefore, learn to master the art of chatbots going into 2018 on Facebook. It will be a skill your brand requires in the upcoming months.

Facebook marketing is ever-changing thanks to the platform upgrading itself. Use the above suggestions to run an effective Facebook marketing campaign this year as well.



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