Grow Your Customer Base

One of the fastest growing online sites can be beneficial to growing your customer base, and the reason is the way they target potential customers. The site is Groupon, and the way they target customers is by zeroing in on the products and services people are searching for to start with.

Groupon is unique in that it allows shoppers to narrow their search to neighborhoods, so instead of getting a wide range of ad clicks from folks who are just bored you get those who are already in the market for a product or service, right in your backyard. For example, someone looking for casual mens wear can enter their zip code and find a deal at their local Old Navy store and instantly receive a digital coupon code for a percent off their total purchase. The same holds true for whatever line of business you’re in: hair salons, chiropractors, website developers, and landscapers can zero in on their potential client base without using a hit-or-miss strategy.

If you’ve been fighting the marketing trends and are weary of getting lukewarm results Groupon might be the perfect solution. It narrows the demographics to a specific area and targets people who are already shopping for deals. What more could you ask for?

The best part is once a customer gets in the habit of using Groupon is the repeat business: they already have the app, their already shopping, and they’ll check for discounts before choosing the business they want to buy from. If yours pops up with a discount coupon it narrows the field of competitors, and that’s what sales are all about!

Groupon has nearly 50 million active customers and over 115 million app downloads. While we’re not saying it’s the perfect choice for your business, we are saying it’s well worth looking into. As a marketing tool it can be very valuable both in raising sales and in broadening your demographics, so your customer base grows as the word gets out. Wouldn’t you love to see your business info pop up on 50 million screens today?

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