Do You Know What A Bare Metal Server Is?

A physical server with a single tenant, which is what the bare metal server is, can easily be a strong base for a stable, powerful and secure digital infrastructure. Most of the shortcomings that are associated with the regular shared virtual environment do not have to be taken into account with bare metal servers.

With the use of bare metal virtualization, you make no compromise. All resources you need are available and network latency is drastically reduced so that performance is improved. The bare metal server can be customized based on the individual needs you have.

Understanding The Bare Metal Server

As a definition, the bare metal server is a computer that is specifically designed in order to run a dedicated service without interruptions for a very long period of time. This is very stable, reliable and durable. The bare metal server is practically an environment for a single tenant. The physical resources of the entire server are available to the client and are not shared with anyone else.

There is a physical separation that is free of the very negative “noisy neighbor” effect. Virtual environments are no longer affected by bad neighbors. This means that the gained isolation leads to performance predictability. The bare metal server offers a very stable environment that is simply perfect for businesses that need to process large data volumes.

Bare Metal Server Benefits

Besides being able to avoid noisy neighbors, you also have direct server access and you can leverage every single part of the hardware architecture. When you use the services of a VM (virtual machine), a guest operating system sits on a hypervisor on physical hardware. The user just needs to access the guest operating system and management interfaces in order to create the entire VM. There is no need to access physical hardware.

With the use of the bare metal server, guaranteed access to the server’s architecture is gained. You can create your very own platform that hosts an application or a service. A bare metal server does not need to use many software layers.

For everyday use, the bare metal server means that you need one less software layer between the physical hardware and you. Due to this, you automatically have access to better performance. Bare metal tenants can so easily create a virtual machine right on top of the bare metal server. This process is similar to the regular virtualized environment.


Using bare metal servers is just like having a house that you own. This can be customized exactly as you need. There are no more noisy neighbors. With the public cloud, you have to deal with multi-tenant environments. This is just like you renting apartments. You can be affected by the kids of the neighbors and strange smells that can appear from the hallway.

When you have the budget for it, you have to seriously consider using bare metal servers. They are highly advantageous and give you access to so much more than you might initially believe.

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