Best Honey Extractors You Can Build at Home

During recent years we have observed a good increase in the prices honey bees and beekeeping supplies. You have to bargain a lot to find something within your budget limits. Apart from high prices, the customization is another issue that you face when you opt for premade beekeeper and other such equipment like Honey Extractors. Best Honey Extractors are really unaffordable for a layman. To save some bucks you can switch on your creative mode and then you can build your honey extractor in a couple of hours.

The best way to build some honey extractor at home is to follow the design and pattern of some best honey extractors in the market. It will give you an edge in the form of interchange-able modules and parts. All you will need to invest will be your time because other material will be available at home easily for example scrap wood, net may be some mosquito net and other such material.

Let’s Start Building Your Homemade Honey Extractor

Construction of best honey extractors at home can be a wonderful project for you if you are keen about Do-it-yourself projects. But you will have to be very careful while constructing the Honey Extractor because all your hard work will rely on the functioning of this honey extractor. The quality of best honey extractors is that it preserves the beehive. If you try to collect the honey without the help of honey extractor, you will squeeze a lot of wax with the honey and the hive would have been destroyed at the end.

You don’t need to spend any extra bucks on buying any honey extractor when you can construct it at home and the quality will be comparable with the best honey extractors because with the help of this homemade honey extractor you will get almost wax free honey.

To start this DIY Honey Extractor, you need a 20 gallon plastic can or even a drum if you can arrange that. Create a hole at the bottom of the Can and try to make it closer to the edge. Hole should be wide enough that honey can flow out easily. Fit a valve to the hole so that flow can be stopped whenever required.

Now take a plastic basket in which you will place the frames of beehives. The size should be enough to fit in the drum. It shouldn’t be so much fit in the drum that it can’t be moved freely. For extra strength you can make basket frame of angle iron rods. The bottom of the frame should have angle iron welded in plus shape welded together exactly at the bottom center of the frame so that motor can be fixed at it.

Find a motor which should have the speed of at least 200 Rpm. Fix the basket frame onto the motor. Now fix the motor at the bottom of the drum or you can fix it at the lid of the drum. You can create your own lid in wood material. Wood absorbs shocks and doesn’t create much noise due to vibration.

Now you’re all set. Just put the frames into the basket Cover the drum and give power to the motor. Frames will revolve at enough speed to throw out all the honey from the hives and it will be then collected from the bottom valve of the drum. Just try this honey extractor and you will forget other best honey extractors.

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