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Open Area Technology (OST) can be a workshop format that enables a small grouping of people to be effective through any complex pair of issues in the finite timeframe. The time is normally from half-a-day to be able to three days to get a workshop. To work OST there should be a properly defined issue or difficulty statement. Then OST allows a small grouping of people to own all the particular conversations they want, to document dozens of conversations, to collaborate with all the current right folks, and to succeed in a contributed consensus on the simplest way forward.

OST can be an Open Resource technology, at first invented simply by Harrison Owen inside 1985. It provides since recently been successfully used across the world for over 20 years for courses on subject matter as different as global conflict, to be able to technology issues, to chats on fresh organizational remedies.

OST is normally the proper solution any time:

– This issue or question may be well defined within a statement.
– But no-one knows a better solution!
– The thing is too intricate for only a few people to fix.
– Concerning people to locate the solution could be the right response..
– A small grouping of people who usually do not normally meet must be brought together to fix the difficulty
– Moment pressure would certainly necessitate getting off the usual means of working.
– Folks are passionate in regards to the outcome.
– There exists a sense regarding ownerships for your problem and for your potential remedy.

30-1000 Folks are involved.

OST just isn’t good any time:

– An individual knows a better solution and is looking forward to people to be able to agree!
– The situation can’t be defined
– There’s no real can or passion to fix the difficulty.
– OST just isn’t ideal at under 30 people inside our experience.
– There’s no owner for your problem or for your solution.

Stephen Hinde, director regarding Business Together with Heart features a long experience of running productive OST workshops in several sectors: like the Arts, Engineering companies, and town.

In order to perform a fantastic OST workshop often there is a dependence on good preparing, a fantastic event at the center, and excellent follow-up so that you can maximise the particular impact and also relevance with the workshop in your organization. We can tailor it in your needs and make suggestions through the complete life-cycle with the workshop.

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