Autonomous house with photovoltaic solar installation


Photovoltaic panels of 1st generation i.e. poly or monocrystalline panels have arrived at a stage of technical and economic maturity. Technological progress will continue to be made, the yields will improve but at the moment T, the solar energy is already competitive. Since 2006, the price of the panels has been divided by 4 and the skeptics realize that the feedback of experiences is rather very positive when the installations were carried out by serious companies which control their subject.

Originally, photovoltaic solar energy was intended for autonomous sites then states have implemented the purchase rates that have allowed solar energy to be democratized by leaving the opportunity for producers to sell their energy on the market. Network at an attractive price. The market then expanded considerably, which had the effect of drastically lowering the selling prices of photovoltaic panels.

Today we equip a multitude of producers who wish, either to sell their energy in full, to make self-consumption with or without surplus sales, or to disconnect from the network to become self-sufficient in energy.

It is this last option that we wish to present to you through a concrete example among customers who have decided to assume their autonomy. We say assume, because this approach involves significant efforts on how to consume energy. Indeed, being electrically autonomous means minimizing consumption and equipping accordingly.

We must immediately understand the method that allows sizing a quality solar panel installation on an autonomous site:

  • We analyze the consumption.
  • From this consumption we will determine the storage capacity.
  • From the Battery Park we will calculate the power of the photovoltaic field to ensure the daily filling of what we have emptied into the batteries.
  • It then remains to integrate the electronic devices and electrical protections necessary for the proper functioning of the whole.

The dimensioning of the Battery Park being done according to the consumption, one quickly understands the why of the question of the least energy-consuming…. the more consol there is, the more batteries there are and the more photovoltaic panels.

So let’s come to our example:

We have equipped a couple of guests with 1 child. Their will was displayed and they decided to give themselves the means to be autonomous.

The basic needs of the house are provided by:

The heating is obviously not electric but provided by a wood stove.

The washing machine operates without electrical resistance and the hot water is supplied by a boiler type thermal system with heat recovery. (No tumble dryer)

The cold is provided by a fridge of very good insulation type A +++

  • LED lighting
  • Tv, Hifi, Pc, such mobile
  • Vacuum

Generator set to provide extra on difficult winter periods or for additional power DIY.

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