All you need to know about YH – 19HW

YH – 19HW model was inspired by DJI spark and it provides the best features as a beginner want. It is so light weighted and small that both the drone and transmitter can be packed in a bag. Its battery is easily replaceable. It gives the best aerial view and those memories can easily be stored by USB.

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Basic Features Of The Quadcopter

Quadcopter has a Brushed Version, for fun purpose it has a radio a camera, can easily be connected to WIFI and it also has a WiFi App control and WiFi FPV. It has a brushed motor.

Basic Functions

Its basic functioning includes WiFi connection, It has a 3D rolleover, It connects to light and sense gravity, with the help of remote it can move forward and backward can fly sidewardly and it can also control on the speed but with the help of remote and rechargeable battery.

It also has returning capability and landing on one key demand. It is basically come in a medium size quadcopter that is easy to handle and it helps in clicking perfect pictures because of its medium small size. It has a barometer sensor that helps the quad copter about the gravity and any intrusion comes in its way. It has a Built in 6 Axis gyro and have RTF kit types.

This quadcopter is best for the people who are beginners with the drone technology and have interest in clicking best imagery. It is best suited for people above the age level of 14 years. It can cover the distance of 50 to 100m. Has built-in rechargeable battery and its battery gets fully recharged within 80 to 90 minutes. The product weighs approx 0.1600 kg.

Package Contents

Packaging contains different contents that include information about the drone,

 its functioning and how it can get assembled. Package contains one Quadcopter along with chargeable battery

1 Quadcopter Transmitter and two extra propellers, so that if one propeller gets damaged then you have an extra pair of propeller on the safe side. Contents contain one USB device and a data cable so that you can store and transfer data without any trouble. It also has one screw driver and a set of English manual that includes detail information about the quadcopter and its functioning.

Small Parts Cautions
These small camera drones have small parts that can get easily destructed and it should be restricted for children they might get it swallow or might get chocked on it.

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