6 Incredible Examples of B2B Web Design

Web sites in the industry are still too often overloaded with content and still apply outdated web design services. Most of the time, these sites offer far too much generic information for everyone: engineers, suppliers, investors, future employees, rather than being interested in the real problems and interests of their target (buyer personas)! We discuss this topic in this article; you should read it to get a good start 😉

Very often also, the websites in the industry are built around the triptych: “Who are we – What do us do – Our products”.

Instead, help visitors find answers to their questions.

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In short, web sites in the industry sometimes look more like brochures or product catalogs than real interactive and responsive B2B websites (adaptable to different screen formats).

We have analyzed dozens of websites in the industry, and concluded that the best industrial websites share the following points:

  • Clean and simple design
  • Wide and punchy images
  • A strong slogan
  • Simple navigation
  • High impact call-to-actions to increase conversions and build a real funnel
  • Opportunities to learn more

Based on these key success factors, here are 6 examples of industrial websites that caught our attention!

Rockwell Automation

The different routes through this website could not be clearer for users.

Rockwell Automation directs its visitors:

  • to answers to their questions,
  • to explore its product catalog,
  • to a complete technical documentation,
  • or to a global search on the entire website.

Clearly, the designers of this website have done their job properly by trying to understand what information current customers and prospects need when they visit this site , and they have simply highlighted from the home page .

Visitors seeking more information about the company can of course explore the website in more detail through highlighted sections and a blog.

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Lockheed Martin 

Lockheed Martin has a very large portfolio of sophisticated fighter jets and other aircraft of all kinds.

The difficulty is to show these impressive references without drowning the visitor in this mass of information when he visits the website. The company has used large images and an important drop-down menu to invite visitors to visit each item.

This clean navigation menu explains to the visitor who Lockheed Martin is, what the company does and how it innovates to serve its customers. This navigation also allows potential collaborators, investors, media, suppliers and employees to interact with the company.

Lear Corporation

As soon as they arrive on the Lear Corporation website, visitors understand that the company is a leader in the manufacture of automotive seating and electronic systems. It’s written on the main page and illustrated with a video in the background to further support the message.

By unfolding the fully responsive screen, visitors can also learn more about the company and the solutions it offers, as well as community engagement, career opportunities, and more.


The website of Cantin is as precise and fine as the metal sheets that the company transforms with its machines. A dynamic video from the homepage shows at a glance the advanced technologies used by the company specializing in industrial sheet metal and mechanics.

Numerous Call-to-actions guide visitors to the many services offered and request a quote or visit the company directly from the homepage.

Parallax-style effects are used when scrolling to highlight the main services and elegant iconography further reinforces the importance given to this section of the website. On each page of the website, the visitor is invited to click on a call-to-action, thus building a real funnel of conversion to turn each visit into a lead.

Particular care has been taken in the quality of the photos by using the dominant colors of the company’s graphic chart (blue).

Another important point, a section of the site presents case studies, or rather success stories of happy customers and this is a central element for the feeling of confidence that seeks to create this website.

Hatch Manufacturing

A company specializing in the development of devices using Android must have a website that is fully responsive and fully optimized for mobile, and that’s what Hatch does. This site is simple, clear, with many colored CTAs and empty spaces to highlight them. These large white spaces evoke efficiency and a user experience modeled on the one we feel on a Smartphone.

When visitors scroll down, they can find opportunities to learn more, such as videos, different stages of production, and the benefits of working with Hatch. CTAs also invite the visitor to discover the clients, the team or to read complete case studies.


For more than 30 years, Modec has been manufacturing and exporting its high-quality custom-made pneumatic motors worldwide. The company’s website has been entirely built around user paths. It highlights the reliability of manufactured engines, the ability of the company to meet a multitude of issues for its customers and its ability to innovate.

The developer of the site understood the importance of addressing primarily an engineering publican therefore did not waste time by directly highlighting the key elements of pneumatic solutions developed by Modec.

The company’s cover page, entitled “Why us?” highlights the key elements expected also by a second target,  the industrial buyers , who need to be reassured about the company’s ability to ensure a high level of commitment and performance for its customers.

Get your industrial website out of the box 

Successful websites like these are not developed by accident. They require extensive research to understand the buyer’s personas in the industry, their buying path, their needs and how they make their decisions. These websites must be based on the latest technologies to be sophisticated and they must be built in such a way that they can easily capture visitor information.

When all these elements are assembled together, your website in the industry will be less boring than the brochure we talked about above!  It can also be a resource center or a source of inspiration for your future leads.

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