5 Advantages of Desalination

As we all know, the world only has 1% of freshwater reservoirs out of all the water bodies present on Earth. This puts us on a constant risk of water shortage and if we look at the history books, we observe the numerous droughts and famines that took out millions of people and the whole civilizations as well. In this situation, it is evident that human beings need to develop an effective way to recycle water. The oceans are obviously our largest source of water on Earth but the seawater is too salty and contains too many minerals that render it useless. However, modern technologies have devised a way to purify this seawater through desalination. Desalination refers to the large scale industrial process in which excessive salts and minerals are removed from seawater through various stages of purification. Desalination has a lot of benefits and this article highlights top five of them.

Supply Fresh Water to More People

As said earlier, a huge number of the world’s population is still suffering from lack of freshwater. Some areas have no access to water and others are drinking contaminated water. Desalination makes it possible to increase freshwater supply to such people that are living in far off places. The government can built water treatment plants in local areas that have contaminated water and supply portable containers of water to areas with no water reservoir.

The Quality of Desalinized Water is Safe

Some people have a general fear of industrial products and may reject the desalinized water due to lack of their understanding. However, they can rest assured that desalination is a safe process and only removes impurities such as harmful microbes and germs from the water. The extra chemicals included in the water like chlorine and pH conditioners also serve the purpose of making it safe to drink.

Increases Agricultural Opportunities

There are so many acres of land in the world, absolutely perfect for agriculture but stays completely unused due to the lack of water access. Same is the case with areas which were previously rich in agriculture but got destroyed because of draught. Desalination uses oceans as the primary source of raw water, which is an unlimited supply of water. If we purify water and provide it to farmers, it can create numerous agricultural opportunities for us.

It helps Preserve the Freshwater Reservoirs

As we know, there are only a few freshwater reservoirs on Earth. If we continue to use them and waste water at this rate, they are bound to run dry. Desalinization helps us preserve the current freshwater supplies and enables us to utilize water freely at the same time.

It does not Depend on Climatic Factors

The thing about freshwater reservoirs is that they primarily depend on rain. If rain stops for prolonged periods of time, it causes a drought. On the other hand, desalinization is independent of climatic factors and we can still have freshwater to use, even in the conditions of drought because the oceans equals to unlimited supply of water.



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