Incident Response: Improving User Application Experience

In today’s society there are multiple applications being developed and put into the market for users to benefit from. When you go to your Google Play store for Android users you can shop for applications that will benefit you. In addition, IOS devices have the Apple Store which is another application purchasing and browsing interface.

 Applications in today’s world are valued components to a user’s daily routine. Some people utilize weight loss apps, social media apps, mobile camera apps, and many other apps on a daily basis. When an application is working at its optimal performance users are more likely to refer the app to a friend or colleague. Therefore, when an application is not functioning properly and there is a delay in troubleshooting the cause; many users will ditch the app and go to a competitor app that is working properly. In most cases, data breaches can affect the operation of an application. According to tech beacon, external attackers make up 75% of data breaches. As a developer, it is important that you understand the importance of wanting to protect your application from being hacked and possible having all of your user’s personal data taken. Incident response and prompt resolution is critical to you as a developer and most importantly your users as they may risk their privacy. 

When trying to find an effective incident response application it can be daunting since there is tons of information and resources on the internet. When googling incident responses, you can search, and you will discover incident response software that is applicable, efficient, prompt, flexible and allows for easy view of your entire interface. As a developer, it is important to have the ability to be alerted when there is an incident that affects your product because you and your team need to receive adequate time and proper notifications to resolve your incident effectively. Also, if you can’t receive notifications in a timely manner this delay in response could affect your products overall ratings and potential users will be discouraged when deciding to purchase your app. According to marketing land, approximately 90% of customers purchasing decision are based on reviews. Therefore, it is important that your reviews remain high to allow for customers to be convinced on purchasing your app. 

Incident resolution is important as an app developer you are in control of your product and you will need incident reporting software that allows you to have ultimate control of the success of your product. In addition, the specific software allows for you to set your notifications in multiple forms such as email, push notifications, SMS, or phone call so that your team can easily interpret the root cause of the problem. Further, effective software should allow you to streamline your applications failures and allow for a more rapid response for recurring issue in the future. Having a software that allows for a better incident response can also allow the developer to better analyze metrics and focus on areas of product enhancement, functionality, and delivery.

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