SEO Is Not Dead: Why Entrepreneurs Need It?

Change is the only constant thing in this world, says a proverb. But with SEO strategy case, (Search Engine Optimisation) the saying is just another myth. The old yet effective marketing method is still as relevant as when it was first introduced two decades ago. A statistic curated by MarketingProfs revealed that SEO strategy provides an 85% likelihood of driving website traffic compared to pay-per-click (PPC) model.

Despite the facts, some marketers and entrepreneurs are still in doubt how ranking high in Google’s search results can aid in engaging and attracting potential customers, especially that 2018 has introduced fresh ideas and innovative strategies.

Why SEO Is Still Relevant in 2018

Although Search Engine Optimisation is old, the results it drives is unquestionably profitable for businesses, online or not. It is especially true even the constant change this 2018 brings. To understand better, here are some of the reasons why an elevated presence in search engines is still crucial:

Search Engine Results Shape People’s Decisions. A study about consumer behaviour revealed that buyers tend to look for relevant information about the products, businesses, and services they are interested in before deciding whether to purchase or not. Apart from that, a research conducted by Moz states that 15% of the millions active US web users visit search engines at least one or more a day. Hence, the correlation between search engines and people’s decision is high.

Searching Information Is Now Easier. Looking for information is now easier, thanks to smartphones and the internet. As such, buyers can now search for a product or a service anytime they want. A statistic showed that 50.3% of web-generated traffic is through mobile phones and will continue to skyrocket as technologies further enhance.

It Helps Elevate Other Digital Marketing Techniques. Digital marketing techniques, depending on the strategy, offers various outcomes. SEO, for instance, can stand alone and drive results. But when partnered with, say content marketing, it elevates the latter’s web performance. And when consumers find that the business provides relevant, informational, and compelling content, it builds credibility and loyalty. Same goes with other techniques like pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing.

SEO Is Still the Most Significant Method in Lead Generation. There are now several strategies to generate leads. However, statistics made by MarketingProfs states that, as of September 2017, 43% of web traffic was propelled by SEO PACKAGES in PERTH power to rank high. Moreover, it reportedly has 85% of chance to drive website traffic compared to other tactics such as pay-per-click scheme.

Organic Results Generates More Website Traffic. Google’s algorithm prioritises high-quality content, thus ranking it higher than other web pages. For that reason, people easily set their trust in Google’s first-page result. Apart from that, a report from Bright Edge and Search Engine Journal said that 51% of web traffic is generated through organic research, while the rest came through social media, paid searches, and other online marketing tactics.

The Power of SEO Is Still In-demand

Although marketing demands shift constantly, the power of SEO strategy to elevate one’s brand and online presence is as efficient as it was two decades ago. Truth is it is more relevant than ever now that Google’s algorithm prioritises helpful and high-quality content. And while it can stand alone, pairing it with other techniques will help entrepreneurs find their place in the world wide web. Thus, search ranking is still relevant and in-demand and will continue to aid marketers and businesspeople.

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