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Each year many Science Fiction movies released with some advanced technology which gives perfect inspiration and innovative thoughts to the society. They try to add new technologies including some sort of advanced robots, cyborgs or it would be spacecraft  and many other things to impress the audience and to give innovation to their thoughts. The story for sci fi pictures set upon aliens life or life forming or it would be based upon time travelling with advance invention of new technologies like robot and other inventions.

The first science fiction movie released in the year 1902 by Georges Melie named as “A trip to the moon”. Budget and financing is always a crucial factor in this genre pictures due to it takes lots of efforts to build a new idea with perfect design and output. That’s why still we get less films on this genre with compared to other genres.  Metropolis was the second picture released in the year 1927 and there were many more pictures released like in 1968 named as “2001: A Space Odyssey”, Star Wars which had super visual effects most talked in the newspapers. Today, it is very famous genre among kids. We provided online best website for free to access films on this genre in point of educational view so that they can engage in exploring new things and to be updated with great knowledge. Each movie releasing today having high visual effects and hd sound to improve the performance and story.

What makes picture on this genre more interesting? In today’s era, director and producer are not online focusing on this genre as they try to add some romance, drama, comedy, action, adventure, horror and other genres to produce great output. Mixing all the things are also not only the idea to get best. It is also compulsory to have something best story behind it based on social or political issues which gives innovation and inspiration to the society and this important idea makes it a big hit on the screen. One of the best example is Indian movie “Robot” in which that robot was good at primary stage not having human mind but, when it was having human mind. It was trying to destroy the whole world and make its own world with the fast processing mind powers. That creates the problem for us. So, science gives us technology but, it totally depend on us, how we use it – carefully or misuse it.

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