Some Outstanding Tips to Take Care of Your Headsets

Taking care of your headphones while you are using those takes very little time off your busy schedule. As you invest a lot of money in buying the best headgears for enjoying the quality sound so it is important to take care of them. Whether you use Jabra headsets or Plantronics headsets here are some of the useful tips that you can use to keep your headphones in good working condition for a longer period.

Clean your earbuds:

For anything to last for long it needs preservation and cleanliness regularly. Just like a living thing needs your attention and care just like that a non-living thing can last long and give you the right benefits if cared properly. The headset whether wired or wireless both have ear cups that are mostly covered with soft leather cushion padding. They need to be cleaned as the air and dust keep filling them. You can check the instructions that come with the kit if you didn’t throw them away with the packaging.

A soft cloth, warm water and perhaps a little soap or cleaning sprays can be used to make the earphones shine. A small towel to hand or a dry toothbrush his helpful to dislodge bits of dirt and grime that gets accumulated inside the meshed areas of the headphones that a cloth cannot reach. In the same case cotton swabs or even a toothpick if used carefully can be used to clean the particularly stubborn areas.

Keep them in a case:

It is a very good decision to protect your headphones in a case or a protective bag.  They preserve them from dust, moisture, and sunlight. Further, they are handy to carry on while traveling to far places. You may get a special case designed for your headphones or get a generic case for many different headphones. This is a good packing as it avoids your wired headset to entangle with other small accessories in the bag.

You can avoid any sort of pressure on them. Putting them in the case will help you get them immediately when you need them. To avoid the knotting and tangling of the wire you can use the braided cable that will preserve them for longer. Roll them in a loose coil before storing it.

Unplug your earphones after use:

It is not wise to leave your headgears on the floor or table attached to your mobile or laptop. It can lead to unpredicted damage such as the cord can be pulled suddenly from the jack while someone just passes by or the cord can get tangled, causing the copper cord to inside to break. A baby crawling nearby can take the jack into his mouth and that may alter the shape of the connector.

They are made out of the very delicate materials thus are vulnerable to crack easily thus unplugging your headsets after the use will protect the audio connector and the sensitive area where the cord connects to the jack.

Put out the plug not the cable:

Mostly what happened is in hurry or at the end of the shift while packing up to leave people, tug at the cable or the cord instead of the plug that is directly attached to the source. The best way is to grip and pull the connector while removing from or plugging headgear into the audio source. Pulling the cable will put extra stress on the connector which will eventually damage it.

Even it can damage the attachment hole of the source as well so it’s better to change your habit of connecting the devices and save them from the damage that is occurring due to carelessness.

Adjust volume to low before plugging in:

It is very important to take care of your natural earphones and never lose the ability to hear the natural sounds around you. Always try to lower down the audio before plugging the headphones in your auditory organs. Although many of the Jabra wireless headsets are engineered under the Sound Guard technology that prevents your ears from any sort of high pitch sound. This feature is built-in in the latest headsets to avoid sharp chirping and the sudden popping sound of different notifications. Thus still it is advisable to turn down the volume from the audio device before plugging the headphones in. Once the headphones are plugged in, now you can raise the volume to a comfortable listening level. It is good and healthy to listen at a low volume so that you can instantly respond to your surroundings as well. Hearing a very loud high volume can not only damage your hearing ability but can also blow your speakers as well.

Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures:

If you want to keep your headphones secured and use them for a long period then firstly you must use them when you need to. You must not expose them to extreme temperatures like near heat or in direct sunlight. They contain light and heat-sensitive parts that get badly effected or damage under such circumstances. If ever you feel your headsets getting hot while they are on your ears for an excessively long time then you must take them off.  Let them cool down under the fan as it could possible that the battery got overheated or they have to get overcharged.

Avoid moisture and sweat:

While doing excessive work like in gym or playing your outdoor games where you require physical work your body releases heat in the form of sweat. The sweat flows at a higher rate near the forehead near ears and head so avoid wearing them in such situations. Not all the Plantronics Wireless headsets are sweat-resistant thus you should avoid them to wear in sweat. After all, they are electronics so they must be evaded to use in the rain as they are not water friendly. Even minor water seeping into their microphones or speakers can alter their performance.

Avoid sleeping with headphones:

It feels very soothing and relaxing while listening to your favorite song while you are in your bed laying down on the most comfortable couch. But mostly you fall asleep without taking off the headsets from your ears so besides the damage it can cause your hearing, rolling over while in sleep can bend or snap your headphones. So it is better before you land into your best dreams roll or take off your headsets and place them at a safe place.

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