2010 Trends in Personal Mobile Tech

So what are the new trends in personal tech? It seems that the iPhone is finally getting some new applications, and that Google’s new mobile device will be feature-rich. And we cannot forget how Kindel burst onto the scenes in 2008 as an e-book reader, and should expect more features soon.

The concept of a smart phone is surely taking its title seriously. The question that consumers have is which one should they buy, and it has some consumers actually waiting now for the next new great thing to hit good market.

It appears that soon we will have smart phones that will alert you to someone with a similar profile if they are in your vicinity. Since both individuals will have GPS they will know where you are. Your phone will ring and alert you that there is someone with your similar profile nearby, and ask you if you’d like to meet them; Yes or No? They too will be alerted with the same question.

At that point you can hold the phone up to yourself and it will send that image to their cell phone, and they can do the same thing simultaneously and then you can look around, find the person and you can introduce yourselves. Sounds like a nice feature; correct?

Some people might very much like that and it is a way to use technology to bring people together. Likewise, the same feature as other applications, such as alerting you to the nearest Starbucks from your current location. Imagine the commercial applications, ad revenue, and value to the consumer?

Once your Smartphone learns your habits, it will advise you of things that you are interested in, things going on around you. These are all features that will begin to hit the scenes of personal tech in 2010.

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