Why It’s a Good Idea to Host SMS

When technology birthed the mobile phone several years ago, the way people communicated changed forever. Back then, the phone was used only to receive and make calls. Fast forward to today’s brands and models of phones and one can send and receive messages and perform a myriad of other functions include send and receive emails and faxes thanks to highly developed applications.

With more technological advances, it is possible to now send Host SMS from a website and not only a phone. This is thanks to platforms that have been developed to support or enable SMS-related applications. These platforms are hosted by SMS gateways that make it possible to send and receive SMS across any application using worldwide operator coverage.

An Host SMS gateway enables one to integrate all manner of legacy and front-end systems that are conveyed through a cluster of user friendly and flexible Application Programming Interface (API) connections. It is through this that one gets connection options like XML, SMTP, HTTP/S, FTP, SMPP, Com Object and SOAP. These are easily installed, quick to use and compatible with a wide band of usage. On this easy to use web based interface, it is very easy for one to manage all of one’s API connections, keep watch over campaigns, do in-depth reports, transfer cash over the internet, send and receive invoices, keep adding sub-users among other applications.

It also possible to make options as regards message routing profiles according to one’s budget and their redundancy needs.

Some websites will also provide extra code scripts so that one can use them with all the interfaces and that will enable integration with high quality specification tutorials and documents. Some gateways will deliver to as many as 200 countries and support two-way SMS messaging in at least 100 countries.

Apart from convenience and wide reach, another good reason to sign up on an SMS website is that you will cut down your cost of sending messages. To send messages using some gateways, one only needs to register which is free and then purchase message credits. Costs depend on the number of credits purchased and the location of the recipient. Some websites have a calculator to help you work out the cost. If you want to be able to receive as well as send messages, you will need to rent a two-way number.

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