The importance of SEO for your website

Having a website without SEO can negatively affect the benefits of an online company, so having a good positioning service is essential and essential nowadays. Online services consultancies are increasingly cannibalized activities and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between so many offerings. However, go to specialized companies recommended by Singapore best SEO Trainer in which the results speak for themselves, is the best option that any online company can choose.

When it comes to knowing the importance and weight of SEO positioning in a web page, it is essential to first have an audit with experts. In this way, the shortcomings of a web page, the strengths and the elements to be improved are exposed. When the necessary actions are applied to correct those errors and the results are checked, that is when SEO positioning is really valued.

How to do an SEO audit?

With an SEO audit, you can detect the errors that are causing a website some bad results in the searches of a browser and therefore, in the overall assessment of the page. To highlight these shortcomings, three basic parts are carried out: the technical elements with which the page relates to the search engine; the keywords or keywords that users enter in the search engine to get to the page; the content that is shown to the visitors of the page once they reach it:

  1.  A technical audit: it is the most complex of all for those who are not experts in positioning, since it requires more specialized knowledge. It consists of analyzing the back of a website, its code and its integration in the search engine, as well as its behavior. It involves an analysis of labels and metadata, assessment of the performance and load times of the page, the architecture of the site … It also involves checking URLs, both in structure and content, to avoid duplicities and unfriendly page names.

The study of this more internal part of the web will serve to see the position that it has in the search engine, the relevance and the possible penalties that may result from having badly configured any of the sections mentioned.

  1.  The study of the keywords: once the first step is completed, the important thing is to detect the words that interest the appearance of the page in the search engine and reach the users. That is, through which keywords we will obtain results in Google when a user performs a search. When conducting a keyword study, not only the position of the result or the volume of searches is taken into account. It is also important to know certain qualitative data of these keywords, such as the difficulty that can appear with certain terms, the relevance of the results for the user and even, the value of that word when positioning it by means of paid campaigns (SEM).
  2.  On-page optimization: Last, but not least, is to study and optimize the content of the web page itself. In this section we study how to orient the website to the keywords chosen in the previous study, which will directly affect the search results. It also assesses the type of writing, the elements used to show the information and the parts that convert the most, that is, those that attract the most action of the users.

After these basic steps, the SEO audit of Julio Romero allows to act on the basis of reliably detected errors. And the result of this audit allows us to take the necessary actions to improve those aspects of the web that weaken the most.

Why give importance to SEO positioning?

As any store or business needs to appear in a guide for customers to know their address, an online company needs to be there where potential customers come for information. Being the first option every time a user searches for a word related to the service or product offered, increases visits, brand awareness and, therefore, sales and profits.

With the correct SEO audit and taking the appropriate actions, it is possible to increase the traffic of visits to the web in a quantitative and qualitative way. In this way, the investment in a professional audit must be taken precisely, as an investment that returns in the form of conversion, opening the doors to a greater number of users and increasing the client portfolio.

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