The Importance of Quality Power, and How to Improve Power Quality

Each electric device has the limited ability to handle the specific amount of voltage. So if these devices receive the voltage beyond their ability, they will break down and start performing poorly. The amount of damage also depends on how long a device is exposed to fault/poor quality voltage.

Sudden, severe voltage surges because of lighting can cause almost immediate and total failure of electric devices. But having the right system in the place such as quality power reactors, you can save a great deal of money is spent on repairing the devices.

Even small surges in voltage are capable of causing significant damage over a longer spell of time.  Let us take for example, the damage caused excessive voltage involves the rapid heating – and subsequent cooling and of electrical wiring.

If this process of overheating keeps going on for a longer period of time, this will lead to “electronic rust” and eventual failure of devices.

The minor voltage surges often go unnoticed, and there is no visible damage in the beginning. But this causes some sort of damage that you are not aware of. And if this (bad voltage supply to your devices) continues, there are more chances of your device getting damaged. But with these best quality power reactors, you will not need to worry at all.

The reasons for voltage surge can be both external and internal. Whatever the reason, the impact of quality power problems is wider, apart from the surge in the voltage. They can also cause:

  • voltage to dip
  • under voltage
  • high voltage spike
  • frequency variation
  • power sag
  • electrical line noise
  • blackouts
  • voltage swell
  • harmonic distortion

All of these have adverse impact on the performance and life of your electric devices – ultimately on your business. The loss is colossal in manufacturing industries or industries wherein expensive machines are used. Fluctuation in power quality can damage transformers, generators and other switchgear and cabling. So it is crucial to protect the quality of power supply.

Improving power quality

Now you know how voltage instability can affect an electrical system.  Depending on the issues being experienced, a number of measures can be taken. Here are some of them that you can apply to improve the quality of power supply.

  • power factor correction
  • voltage optimization
  • harmonic filtering
  • uninterrupted power supply

And quality power reactors make it easy to do that. To buy the best quality power reactor in the USA, you can trust TEEE, a leading name offering a wide range of high quality transmission, electrical, energy equipment in the USA.

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