Summer Tech Essentials

Summer is coming! You may have already started working on your summer bod, and you are figuring out how to keep working on it at home while you quarantine. You may be ordering your new round of swimsuits while they are on sale, and you might even start taking your beach gear out of storage.

We are coming to the end of May and June is just around the corner. While we don’t know quite yet if we will be allowed to go outside when summer rolls around, you might as well start planning for it now, in case we can, and you do.

Today I wanted to explore some summer tech you might want to get your hands on!

First thing’s first, you are going to need to get a GoPro. The GoPro has become the standard for summer adventures. Whether you are out riding your bike or motorcycle, or you are surfing the waves, you are going to want to capture it. Did you really even do it if you didn’t capture it on video. GoPros are completely waterproof when you get the right case and they can be attached to almost anything. If you can’t afford the GoPro, Amazon has tons of options for less expensive versions of the same portable camera that will still get you some amazing footage.

Next, once you’ve got your GoPro, you’re probably going to want to get a WiFi hotspot. This is imperative if you are going to be going on adventures. Your cellphone is not the most reliable source of the internet, but a WiFi Hotspot like this is made almost exclusively for such a thing. You can upload your GoPro footage on the go to Dropbox or iCloud and clear your card and go find your next wave to ride, or your next trail to conquer.

Also, the neat thing about your WiFi hotspot is that it allows multiple devices to be connected to it at once, so you could potentially connect multiple devices to it at once and control them all with your phone. You could use your cellphone as a separate monitor for your GoPro if you want, and who knows what else!

The final thing you’ll need is a good speaker to bring the music with you, no matter where you end up. There are many options available for you, the question is what suits your needs. At this point the bluetooth speaker market is as crazy as the cell phone case market. Everyone is making them, and there is not much of a difference between them. I will advise you however to read some reviews, because the biggest differentiator at this point is quality.

Since they all look nice and they all work, for the most part, quality becomes the biggest thing to consider. Some bluetooth speakers have a terrible connection and the sound drops out constantly, or the battery lasts for almost not time. These are the sorts of things you’ll discover by reading the reviews.

Whatever our summer plans shape up to be, whether full of outdoor activities, or more isolation, might be worth starting to consider these things now, before everyone wakes up to the idea that summer is just around the corner.

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