Promote Your Business With Customized Attractive Lanyards

Business organizations tend to gift their customers to improve their business. Mostly items like pen, umbrellas, water bottles, lanyards, totes are used as promotional gifts. Promotional gifts serve best as advertisement at lower cost.

If you want to give out promotional gifts for betterment of your business, lanyards can be the best idea. Customized lanyards with your brand name and logo can serve you as a business card. There is a lot more chance that people will come to see your name in the lanyard when they use it to hold their keys or USB pen drives and such.

Tips For Choosing A Lanyard

Type of lanyard

Choose the lanyard that suits you better from the options of Sublimated Lanyards, printed custom lanyards and woven custom lanyards.

Dye sublimation is a popular method of printing used in creating promotional items. It gives a clean and colorful image that are long lasting.  Customized sublimation lanyards are best suitable for any kind of business organizations. Without busting your budget, you can get these colorful lanyards that makes magic in your promotional campaign.

In this process, to imprint your customized design, an ink film is laid on the material and a heating process binds the dye on the material. Since liquid ink is not used, this process creates lesser mess compared to other types of printing.

Any color combination can be done and in blurred effect too. This method workout best for small quantities too.

Printed custom lanyards uses screen printing method to transfer your logo. In this process mesh screen is used ink is squeezed through the mesh onto the lanyard fabric. This method is cost effective for large orders. When it comes to customization, high detailing and vivid colors are possible in this method. The lanyards are of high quality and durable.

In woven custom lanyards logo and other information are directly woven into the fabric like embroidery process. This gives a professional look and it can withstand fading. High quality woven lanyards can be obtained with colors that match your business theme.


When choosing the color of lanyard, you can either go with company colors or the color that has emotional response.


Choose which type of lanyard you will need. Either wrist strap lanyard, or silicone ones for holding id cards, or eco – friendly ones if you are a green company or adjustable ones if your employees are working in danger area.


Decide where to print your company name, whether logo is needed? printing is needed on entire lanyard or only on the front side? Keep it simple and don’t load it with a lot of information.


For printing the information like business name, for which event the lanyard is given, use only one font.

With unique and customized lanyard, you get the chance to attract your prospective customers also. This is more cost effective way of advertising compared to other modes.

If you have any idea of using lanyards as promotional gifts for your business needs and wondering where to get the exact one that suits your aesthetics, Custom Earth Promo, an environment friendly company has a whole lot of varieties in lanyards. They have their in-house experts also to help you in bringing out your own desire.

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