Managed Workplace Services Costs and Pricing Models

When you decide to outsource workplace tasks to managed workplace services, your first step is to know the cost. There is a range of pricing models offered by these services and you can choose the most efficient and cost-effective model.

Monitoring-Only Model

The monitoring only model will monitor the workplace and give alerts if required. The cost of this model will vary according to the level of monitoring required. A small business may require anti-virus, anti-spam alerts and, patch management A large business will require monitoring and solutions for all incidents.

Per-User Model

The per-user pricing model charges for services according to the number of times individuals use the service. This is a very useful model for a business that provides multiple devices for employees. The fee covers all the employees of the business and all the devices used by them.

All-you-can-eat Model

In the all-you-can-eat model, a flat monthly fee is charged and the business receives around the clock, unlimited support and, services. This pricing model benefits the business and the service provider. The flat fee will be cost-effective for businesses and the service provider will get a predictable payment for services provided.

Per-Device Model

Workplace management services charge a flat fee per endpoint device in the per-device pricing model. A flat fee is charged per desktop, per-server or, per laptop. This model is convenient because it is easy to adjust the pricing according to the devices added by the business. The workplace management service charges according to the number of devices the business uses.

Tiered Model

The workplace management service will provide different bands of support under this pricing model. A bronze tier will give basic services at a low price while the silver band will give more services but the price will be higher. The costliest band will give the best services to the business.

A-La-Carte Model

The a la carte allows a business to pay only for the services you need. Fees are charged for individual services. The business will need to pay only for specific services as and when required. This model is similar to ordering from an a la carte menu at a restaurant.

Value-Based Model

The value-based pricing model is a flat fee pricing model It is a comprehensive pricing model that is beneficial for a business. The managed workplace service becomes a separate outsourced department when a business adopts a value-based pricing model. Services are provided under this model for all components of the business.

Ad Hoc Model

The Ad Hoc model is also called the pay-as-you-go model. In this model, a business pays for the number of hours worked and the number of tasks completed by the service. This is a flexible model and the business can choose to increase or decrease the number of hours and the number of tasks outsourced according to requirements

The wide range of available pricing models offered by managed workplace services has made outsourcing cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. They have the option to choose the best pricing models according to their needs.

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