How to become a Front-end developer

Front-end development is often considered a piece of cake as it is easier to understand than back-end development. However, this is not the true case in any sense. Whether you have done a certificate or have learned from Wagner College’s front end web development bootcamp, you need to have a good practice on the technologies involved in front-end development. The majority of the students who have taken a course or classes on web-development consider pursuing their careers in front-end development. The reason for that is quite simple as front-end web development can be understood easily if proper attention and dedication are given. If you want to become a front-end developer, you should first ask yourself whether you would like to design a webpage on your own. A person having a good analysis on webpages can become a front-end developer as most of the work in front-end development is with the user-interface. If you wish to become a front-end developer, you will have to understand some of the basic requirements for front-end web development.

Learn HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are considered the core of front-end development. In other words, both languages are the fundamental block of front-end development. There is a high need to understand the two languages and have a strong grip on them. HTML will help you to adjust your content on your webpage meanwhile CSS will assist you in the overall design of your webpage. If you start learning HTML and CSS, there is a high chance that you may find them easier. The reason for that is quite simple as they are undoubtedly the basics of web development. However, you must not forget that without practice, you will not be able to become a master of these two languages. You have to understand the different properties of HTML and CSS deeply. Consider making your user interfaces with the help of HTML and CSS as it will help you to be more familiar with them.

There is no doubt that HTML and CSS will be easier for you to learn in the first place, but when it comes to the desires of users, it becomes a bit complex. The users look forward to having a website that is responsive and can be view on their laptop, smartphone, and tablet as well. In case of such requirements, you will have to understand the in-depth behaviors of HTML and CSS. In order to be familiar with each such aspect, you need to build your projects and see if someone else likes them or not. If your piece of code is exceptionally great and the user interface is quite appealing to the user, it means you have finally developed a good understanding of HTML and CSS.

Learn JavaScript

In the 21st century, JavaScript is undoubtedly a powerful language in web development. The benefit of learning JavaScript is that it will make you develop some understanding with the back-end as well. This is due to the fact that JavaScript works for both front-end and back-end. It must be considered that front-end developers have a great responsibility to make your website look appealing and attractive to your clients. JavaScript allows the developer to add tons of interactivity on the website. When you open a website, the first thing that attracts you is the interactivity of that website with you. Considering the case of HTML and CSS, they will not allow you to make a website interactive. Certain aspects of a website like collapse buttons, popups, and image sliders are built with the help of JavaScript.

If you want to become a good front-end developer job, JavaScript is the essential requirement in such job descriptions. You need to understand JavaScript in a way that makes it easier for you to work on the front-end while understanding what is happening at the back-end as well. JavaScript is a language that cannot be learned theoretically. You need to practice a lot to acquire a good set of skills in this language. JavaScript comes up with its in-built libraries. One such library that is widely used by the front-end developers is jQuery. The matter of fact is that jQuery allows you to add the ready-made elements to your website. The outcomes of this result in requiring quite less effort. The elements you use by jQuery can simply be customized as per the desired requirements.


In most of the organizations, the demand of front-end developer is to have a great set of skills in bootstrap. The reason for that is quite simple as bootstrap is considered to be a well-known front-end framework. The benefit of learning bootstrap is that it makes it easier for you to add common user interface elements to your website. What you all need to do is to copy and paste the code at first, and then make changes as per the requirements. With the help of bootstrap, your time and efforts are saved from doing CSS. One of the reasons for organizations preferring bootstrap is the ease that it provides to the developer. For example, if you have to make a search bar to your website with the help of CSS and HTML only, it will take more time than a simple copy-paste of bootstrap.

Version Control System

There is no doubt Git is considered to be a reliable Version Control System for developers. Using Git will help you to solve a number of issues in the future, and your coding-analysis skills will be polished as well. Apart from learning Git, you should try learning the JavaScript Frameworks like VueJS, ReactJS, and AngularJS. The reason for learning these frameworks is that it will allow you to create web applications by using REST API’s. However, the frameworks should be learned at the end as they require a strong grip over JavaScript. Once you understand JavaScript and master it, you should start learning frameworks to make your web development strong. If you want to pursue your career in front-end development and you are determinant as well, you must know that this field is changing rapidly. Due to this, you are required to be updated with the latest trends in front-end development.

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