How does a mobile ad network work?

What is a mobile ad network?

A mobile ad network is a platform for app developers, who want to grow their apps and get monetary benefits from them. It is a buy and sell marketplace for publishers and marketers. If you are looking to monetize your app by selling ad space or enhancing user acquisition by purchasing ad spots, you’ll need to sign up for a mobile app ad network. In-app purchases act as free models and are a powerful strategy because users initially don’t want to put financial investment to an app which they have not tested out. While ad networks are intrinsically reliable for aiding publishers to sell inventory, they also provide advertisers with many benefits.


How does a mobile ad network work?

A mobile ad network works as a middleman between advertisers, publishers, and media buyers. Primarily between either firms or individuals who need to advertise their product or services, companies that monetize their commodities by placing ads from the former. Media buyers are those who are in a business of buying mobile ad inventory from publishers and sell it to advertisers. They charge for their professional opinion on the quality they provide.

For the purpose, you can use mediation. Instead of you searching through all the mobile ad networks trying to find the placements, it will bring you the highest eCPMs, the software does it for you. Mediation platforms, such as the ones offered by Fyber, Ironsource, Inmobi, and Smaato, can be used for this purpose.

Mobile ads come in all shapes and sizes like banner ads, video ads, native ads, etc. Nowadays, app users can play their way through an ad or even use it to interact with the real world.

Why do you need mobile ad networks?

Like most any marketplace an ad network helps meet buyers and sellers. The result has been more prominent efficiencies and markets of scale. Buyers and sellers need not strike lots of exclusive deals which would be a loss of time and capital.

Ad networks are to provide publishers and advertisers with a convenient way to make the trade as comfortable as possible.

  • The range of options that the publishers and advertisers have access to is manifold when they choose to buy or sell through an ad network. The auction tool in place ensures that sellers secure the highest paying buyer for their best option, and advertisers are connected with premium inventory, which is according to their purchasing power.
  • The process of looking for an inventory that meets your demands as an advertiser can be tiresome. An ad network takes on the responsibility of doing that for you; it looks through the responses and packages that it has expanded from top-tier publicists, and assures that you have access to superior inventory.
  • There’s different options for everyone on an ad network. It provides increased ad reach due to their vast range of sellers and publishers. On the other side publishers can get instant value through inventory sales as soon as their webpage is set up.

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