Cases of Data Recovery from SSD and USB Flash Drive  

Memory media is becoming more common in the so-called Monolith format, which makes rescuing even more difficult. This Monolith format mainly uses microSD cards, but most recently SD cards, especially to make it possible to place more memory cells on the memory card – thereby increasing the capacity of a memory card or other USB flash media.

The damages of SSD drive are the most critical than an HD can suffer, so sometimes, data recovery becomes virtually impossible. So you know. If your SSD drive has scratched, it is very likely that you cannot recover your data, but like any good individual, do not give up first, after all “practically impossible,” does not mean “impossible.” So that you do not fall into a trap, it is very important to first check if the company has any case of success in repair SSD hard drive. If the answer is yes, we’ve started well. What remains is to hope that your SSD drive is not in such a critical state that it will prevent data from being recovered.

Cases of data recovery from USB and SSD drives

Deleted files, formatted flash drive without writing

Recovering deleted data on a flash drive is one of typical cases. You erased the files on the flash drive by mistake, or you accidentally format the flash drive. You no longer save any other files on the flash drive.

Deleted files, formatted flash drive with write

You have accidentally pressed the “Format” button on your computer, or you have formatted the flash disk using any utility. You then saved additional files to the flash disk.

Damaged file system on flash, loss of data for no apparent reason

Damaged file system on flash drive is also a typical case: Files that can not be displayed on a flash can be suddenly displayed. You did not format the Flash drive, you did not delete the files. The flash disk suddenly looks empty. Flash disk behaves unformatted and is required to format it. Possible data displayed is nonsensical (so-called spilled tea, incorrect size). Flash disk is not damaged.

Electro-mechanically damaged flash drive

It includes the probes such as faulty sectors, corrupted PCB and faulty memory controller. The flash drive is obviously mechanically damaged (broken, chopped, broken USB connector, etc.), the flash drive shows the wrong capacity, flash memory takes a long time and after disconnection, the memory is not detected in the system, the service device requires to format the flash drive.

Data recovery companies usually have the necessary resources for broken flash drive recovery, such as equipped, air-conditioned and free of impurities, and the main, specialized and capable team to deal with these sensitive media. It is so important to use the right means to recover deleted files of great importance.


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