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Business networking has traditionally been confined to tradeshows, industry events and seminars as well as through professional or personal acquaintances. LinkedIn transformed business networking in many ways. It is by far the largest and also the most useful networking platforms for professionals, be it employees or freelancers, self employed people or entrepreneurs, jobseekers or traders, chief executives or recruiters. There are some new apps that are exploring business networking the same way you would be using Tinder or other such platforms. The focus is on simplifying how you meet potential contacts, whether or not it is practically feasible to catch up and if there is something worthwhile that both or more parties can offer to one another. Here are some of the best business networking apps in 2018.

  • Shapr is one of the most popular apps for business networking right now. The app is available on Android and iOS. It has generated substantial traction in most major cities. It is likely you would find at least a few dozen people in your city or town on the platform. Some cities have hundreds of young dynamic professionals using the app. The user base seems to be more from the digital media industries and marketing. You are likely to find many entrepreneurs through this app. Shapr can help you connect with likeminded people in your industry or a niche you are interested in exploring. You can be traveling abroad or you may be attending a conference in your city. You can meet people locally and internationally.
  • Ripple is a business networking app developed by former employees of Tinder. It is hence unsurprising that you would find the app quite similar in how it operates. The interface is not the most convenient and the app is yet to grow to make its use relevant. Perhaps more people will join the app and then it would be of relevance and importance. What needs to be appreciated about this app is the mobile first approach. Even though LinkedIn is available as an app, it does not have a mobile first approach.
  • Ten Thousand Coffees is technically not an app but an online platform for business networking. It is one of the more useful apps you will come across. The app has experts from various industries. There are interesting people whom you may want to meet and get acquainted with.
  • Common Connect is another app that simplifies the actual meeting of two interested parties. The app allows you to check out profiles of professionals who are based somewhere nearby. The proximity is assessed in real time so you can actually catch up with people. The app also allows users to filter profiles according to industry and job title, something that is quite crucial for relevant business networking. The app is not available on Android yet. It is exclusively available on iOS right now.

The future of networking lies in such apps. Business networking can be truly simplified and the whole experience can be rewarding with such apps.

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