This is How Parents Can Limit Their Children’s Screen Time


It is true that children’s screen time has excessively increased due to the presence of various social media platforms and other online platforms. In fact, according to a recent study, it has been found out that children are spending around eight to nine hours in front of their smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

This proves they are spending a huge chunk of their time using their digital devices, increasing their screen time. As soon as they wake up in the morning, they spend about half an hour or an hour in front of their mobile phones while still being in bed.

After waking up, they take their phones to their washrooms and do not stop using them. They are even spending time in front of the time while having breakfast and commuting to school and then back home. Once they reach home, they prefer spending time on their devices instead of engaging themselves in any other productive task.

Social Media Has Increased Children’s Screen Time

The rise of various social media platforms has caused the majority of children to be dependent on their smartphones and tablets. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have caused them to spend most of their time in front of their screens. Wherever you go, you will always come across children either playing games on their phones or taking their selfies and then sharing them with their friends on the internet.

Recently, another study was conducted and its results showed that spending a huge chunk in front of their screen can be extremely harmful to the children as it leads to poor mental health conditions, especially in younger children. Experts have been recommending parents to help their children reduce their screen time to just one or two hours a day.

How Parents Can Help Children Limit Screen Time

We do realize how difficult of a challenge it can be for parents to pull away their children from their digital devices. However, if you really want your children’s wellbeing and do not want to see them becoming an emotional wreck, then you can help them reduce their screen time.

Following are some of the effective ways in which parents can help their children limit their screen time.

Be A Role Model for Your Children

Children always do what they learn from their parents. They follow their parents’ actions and think what their parents are doing is right and that is why they tend to do the same. They keep a track of their parents’ habits and follow them ardently. Which is why it important for parents to become a digital role model for their children by spending less time in front of the screens.

Parents can set a good example in front of their children by limiting their own screen time especially when they are at home with their children. Before expecting your children to limit screen time, you should first do that yourself.

Treat Screen Time as a Privilege

When parents will start treating screen time as a privilege, it will help children reduce their screen time. Instead of letting your children use the devices easily, parents should make it as a privilege and should only give them that privilege as soon as children are done with other important tasks such as homework, house chores, etc.

Children should understand that having a smartphone or any other digital device is not a right but a privilege for them and the same privilege can also be taken away from them at any time.

Set Up a Parental Control Solution

Parents can also help their children limit screen time by setting up parental controls on their devices as well as the platforms they are using. They can set time limits on using a particular website or an app so the child can only use the site or app within a designated time period.

Parents can also keep a track of their child’s online activity by setting up parental controls on their devices and see how much time they have been spending in front of the screen. A social media examiner can also pe set on their devices to track their social media activity.


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