There are thousands of models of security cameras designed to meet the needs of each prevention and security project, so the task of selecting the most appropriate is very complicated, because being such a technical product the difficulty increases and becomes complex define which elements are most convenient for us and which are worth sacrificing.

Here are some tips you can use when making your final choice when buying your Hikvision CCTV Dubai security cameras:

  1. Indoor or Outdoor Video Surveillance Cameras:

The first thing we must define is whether the camera will be installed indoors or outdoors and if we need our project to be persuasive or discreet, based on that we can also qualify the size and aesthetics of the camera.

It is recommended that in case of being a project designed for outdoor we focus, in addition to the above, if the camera has an IP66 or IP67 certificate which is a guarantee that it can withstand climate changes and vandalism.

  1. Roof or wall security cameras:

The installation can be done in the ceiling or in the wall, this is another factor that will determine the model of security cameras that we will choose for our installation.

It is important that the installation issues are left in expert hands , in this way it prevents the systems from being damaged, not being properly placed and, subsequently, failures in the monitoring, mechanism or even thefts not detected by these placement errors.

  1. Night vision

The night vision function allows monitoring and recording 24 hours a day, it is important that the camera records in any light condition and that elements such as resolution are considered so that there is better image quality.

  1. Viewing angles of security cameras

The angle of vision of the security cameras is another factor to consider. In this section we can determine what we need to see. The cameras of video vigilance give us all the possible options, from which they record 360º until which they have a zoom. This feature gives us better control of the area we watch.

  1. Connection type for wired or wireless camera

Finally, we now have the opportunity to choose if we prefer that the installation be generated by cables or wirelessly, however it is advisable to support you with expert opinion, we can give you advice so that the choice of CCTV that you reach Consider being valued by our professionals and your response system exactly as you expect your need.

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