Eighteen years ago, in November 2001, Xbox entered the international video gaming world and took it by storm. Xbox brought a revolution in the video gaming world. This Microsoft owned video game brand, Xbox, showcases a series of video game consoles. This gaming console could to be connected to a television or any other display unit, providing high-quality graphics for several games, making it easy for people to play and enjoy their game.

XBOX ONE console

Xbox one is an eighth-generation console of the Xbox series and the third console released since November 2001. It was released in November 2013 and was termed as “all in one entertainment system” by the manufacturers. Thus, named Xbox one. Xbox one console has the following features that make it stand out from the previously released versions.

1. Xbox One Wireless Controller

The wireless controller of Xbox One has ten digital buttons along with a syncing button, two analog triggers, two analog sticks, and a digital D-pad. Xbox controller has been revised thrice, bringing various changes to its design and functions.

2. Power Brick

Xbox One is also accompanied by an external fan-assisted power supply that uses a hard-wired DC power cable to be plugged into the Xbox.

3. Multimedia Features

Xbox one much emphasizes cloud computing and social networking features. Its multimedia features allow to record and share video clips and screenshots of the gameplay. One can even live stream when using the Xbox One.

4. Kinect Sensor

Kinect sensor is an enhanced sensor that is much admired by the users for its improved motion-tracking and voice-recognition feature.


Xbox one skins are basically a protective and decorative sticker for the Xbox controller and the power brick. These decals have some colorful, textured designs which not only give a unique look to the Xbox one console; they also protect the controller from scratches and dust.

Xbox one decals showcase unique artwork and support smooth, bubble-free installation. These skins are removable and leave no sticky substance on removal from the console.

Some of the most famous and most loved Xbox one skins are:

  • Charmed
  • Black Woodgrain
  • Retro Horizontal
  • Electrify Ice Blue
  • White Marble
  • Pink Tranquility etc.

All these Xbox one skins add style and splendor to the outlook of the console.

Various Xbox skins are available on several online stores from where they can be bought at reasonable prices. Multiple themed decals are also already available in these stores. In addition to ready to use Xbox one decals, some online shopping stores also offer customized Xbox one skins at a fair price. One can design or create an Xbox one skin of his own.

Summing up

Xbox one is famous not only because of its advanced, dominant gaming features but also for the multimedia options everyone can get pleasure from. Moreover, quite a lot of attractive, colorful, and startling Xbox one skin are also adding to the fame of the Xbox one console.


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