Features of e-juice one should note


If you are a regular smoker and wish to quit smoking, there are 90 percent likely chances for someone to have suggested e-liquid as the best possible solution. You could have just heard this term but you do not have the complete idea of what this is and what it actually does. Then you are at a right place. This article contains answers to all your questions. This article contains the complete description of what is E-juice, what are its main features and how this can help you to quit smoking?

Features of E-liquid

  • What is E-liquid

E-liquid is a liquid that is converted into vapors when heated. Electronic Cigarettes are used to heat this e-juice. Basically, heat produced by electronic cigarettes converts the e-juice into vapor form. So, people can inhale the vapors and then exhale similar to what is done while smoking. It is a substitute for smoking.

  • Ingredients included in e-liquid

The ingredients of e-liquid vary from company to company and single company also offers e-liquid with different no. of ingredients. Every e liquid contain vegetable glycerin and flavor for sure and other ingredients that can also be present are propylene glycol, nicotine, and water. Companies offer different products having different proportions of the ingredients depending upon the requirements of the customer.

  • Helpful in Quitting Smoking

E-liquid is basically used to quit smoking. As it is a replacement for cigarettes and it does not contain as many chemicals as a normal cigarette contains and the nicotine which is the main addictive ingredient in the cigarette is present in comparatively less amount. And e-juices are available with different proportion of nicotine. So, a person who wants to quit smoking can start from e-liquid with high nicotine amount and can slowly decrease the amount to decrease the addiction and possibly get rid of it.

  • Effects on Health

The harmful effects of e-liquid are comparatively much less than normal cigarettes as it does not many harmful chemicals and people can choose different e-juice depending upon the amount of nicotine they want to consume. And one psychology is also hidden in using e-liquid. When you consume a cigarette, you are not aware of how much nicotine you are consuming, but if you are using e-liquid then you know how much nicotine you are consuming and this consumption will afraid you and you will try to go for less nicotine consumption.


E-liquid is a very positive replacement for smokers. They can quit smoking if they want to with some efforts every day instead of sudden quitting which is not easily possible. According to a data, in 56 % of the cases of smokers who wanted to quit smoking, e-liquid has helped them to quit it. So, if you want to improve your life and want to spend more life with your loved ones then buy e-liquid today and do not use cigarettes. And do not forget to comment if you are successful in quitting smoking.

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