After-sales service: How does Motorola stack up?

Authorised Motorola service centres offer the best in terms of complaint handling, prompt attention and high technical expertise.

You’ve experienced this before: a brand or retailer is more than happy to extend all sorts of assistance while you’re buying their product. Then you start using the product and realise that something is amiss: some part of it malfunctioned and now, it just refuses to work properly! So, you take it back to the store for a check – and the store/brand refuses to help or hems and haws about providing any assistance. Even worse, they tell you it’s your fault that the product is not working!

It happens often enough that many brands fail spectacularly on customer care. The post-sales phase is often the worst, where you, the customer, must battle through several levels of management to get your problem addressed. You are especially wary of dealing with brands that sell expensive items like mobile phones, home appliances, personal electronics, etc. Any manufacturing defect in these items results in you lodging a complaint –in most cases, with the brand shirking all responsibility.

If your mobile phone is within warranty and has developed a snag, then you are within your legal rights to get the mobile serviced. In our experience, only a few leading brands like Motorola are providing exceptional post-sales service.

The authorised Motorola service centre will attend to all complaints and queries promptly. Do keep your purchase bill for your Motorola phone handy when you approach the service centre for help

  • Whether it is a software issue or a hardware one, your concerns are addressed at once. It could be something as basic as downloading a new software pack to get new updates for Android, or an issue of the battery draining within just a few hours of charging
  • All authorised service centres, are manned by trained and certified expert staff. No problem is too big for the experienced engineers waiting to assist you
  • You are not kept waiting endlessly while your phone is being checked or serviced. If the service or repairs are expected to take more than a day, you are informed about the delivery times for the same
  • Once the phone is looked at and fixed, you are asked to come to the service centre to check it yourself. After you are satisfied with the service, you can take your phone back with you
  • If there are problems even after this stage, then your phone is reviewed again.

We strongly recommend approaching an authorised Motorola service centre to get the best service and highest level of expertise in handling your complaint. After all, your phone will only work well if it is serviced by the right people!


Are checks still useful?

We live in the digital era. Technological developments have been so huge that even payments have become extremely simple and fast nowadays. PayPal, Venmo and Zelle are online services that allow us to make payments directly from our electronic devices. Banks have their own applications to give their clients the chance to transfer money easily, regardless where they are. And debit, credit and prepaid cards are being used consistently. In light of this, some may wonder if the old, ‘90s movies style checks still have any utility. Surprisingly, the answer is still a straightforward “yes”.

As already mentioned, there are many alternatives that do not carry checks’ cons with them. In fact, the money spent for buying the envelopes and the stamps or the long times required to process payments with checks can easily be avoided with the wide range of possibilities that we briefly discussed. However, personal checks are still useful and some companies are providing themselves with devices that can reduce the time of the operations substantially., to give you a concrete example, offers a lot of modern and advanced check scanners that can scan and store information in just a few seconds and that can be i deal for big companies that receive plenty of checks on a daily basis. But why do people still use them, then? Well, the advantages are probably more than you can imagine!

First of all, some small retailers simply have not adopted modern payments methods yet. In this case, checks can help bridging payments without that would probably be too high for cash. Secondly, house payments can be more difficult than you think. For example, although bigger properties may have adopted modern methods some landlords can still be difficult to deal with for the tenants. They could not have ways to receive online payments such as PayPal and checks could be a good solution. Moreover, if you use checks you can avoid fees. Money orders and transfers often have fees to pay that can be annoying if repeated over time. In this sense, checks may be a solution sometimes. In addition, if you need to stop a payment made by check that is as easy as making that request to your bank. However, there may be cases in which the option of cancelling a payment is not possible and checks can help avoiding this issue. Finally, paper checks are connected to your bank account and you can always find record. Especially if you are older and you are not that familiar with modern technology, having paper records can make your life way easier.

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Aiding Your Business to Go Green

Go Green On Your Business

There are several ways on going green for your business company and going green also helps save money in the wallet, and excluded from doing extra work, along with losing things that can cause stress to one’s company. Here are a few ways that will be discussed that will help you go green.

Going Paperless All Together

Going paperless is not only helping you save money, and save trees, but also relieves you from stress all together and having to for example got to a local post office in Colorado Springs if centered around the area . Overtime, depending on how busy your business is and growing, paperwork can fill up rather quickly, leaving piles to fill up and can grow quickly. Another problem is that we go to look for a specific paper that we need, and there are times when we become forgetful and lose it all together. That can cause a lot of stress and take up a lot of unwanted time towards other things that are more important. If you stop printing things overall, this will help save you time, time, and trees. Also, instead of faxing things out, try to go for a fax modem instead, as this will also save on paperwork on both ends of the party. e-mailing faxes are much a lot easier to handle, and easier to store.

Reduce Water Intake

Water is very important for us, and it’s a necessity on our bodies. If you happen to live in a drought-stricken area, this is something that you could benefit from, for not only you and your company, but people worldwide. There are several issues that should be fixed if you notice something. If you happen to have a leaky faucet, dripping tabs anywhere, plumbing leakage, these are things that should get fixed immediately. Overtime, all the dripping adds up to a lot of water wasted, and this can cost you extra money in your pocket after adding up all the leakage in a month’s time. You will be surprised at how much water ends up getting wasted. If you happen to work for a laundromat company, or a place that provides these types of benefits, always make sure that your washer is marked as an energy star rated washer.

Recycle All Your Electronics

Depending on how old your electronics are, instead of throwing this away in the garbage, if they happen to be five years of age or younger, save your electronics. These can actually be reused as charity items, and you will be surprised at how one man’s junk can turn into another one’s treasure. Saving these products also saves space on the junk yard drop off, and your electronics can sure enough be used by someone else depending on the what kind of quality your electronics are in. You can drop off your electronics at Best Buy or Staples, and they will gladly take off your hands what you are trying to dispose and try to reuse it. Below are two resource links for you to check out, that will help you learn more about why it’s very important to go green. This not only makes things easier on yourself, but it also helps the world too.